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I recently posted about my AdSense website for critique as to why it may not be performing well - I have made some changes to this website and my page views and advert impressions have shot up!, however I have not yet received any clicks on my adverts.

Please could I have your input as to why this could be, my website can be found at Best Computer Hardware


Liam McArthur
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    Perhaps you should alter your homepage, have content on your homepage.
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    Use some SEO techniques to enhance your website related to search engines.
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      Originally Posted by mike.b View Post

      Use some SEO techniques to enhance your website related to search engines.
      I'm currently ranking 1 on bing, around 8 on Yahoo and apparantly 1 on Google (but that may be optimal results turned on) - I'm receiving a good amount of visitors and the website has been optimised.

      I am however going to change the home page, maybe have more adverts? or adverts in different positions? :confused:
      Liam McArthur
      Web Developer | Eden Mobility
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    1.First of all i would change body background. Dark colors are not good when it comes to adsense (this is from mine experiance).

    2. Next thing is like other said, you have to ad some content to homepage (like adding hotest topics in computer world, last review excerpts...). Just make it more interesting.

    3. After that is done you should put ads inside content.

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    I agree with some of the previous posters - definitely add some more content (whether it is words or images) to the home page. It doesn't have to be anything meaningful - just as it is, it looks rather empty. Maybe even consider adding some sort of menu, or even ads on the left side - the blank space looks sort of strange compared to the right side. Other than that, I liked the color scheme, and simple menu bar at the top of the page.
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