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Hi guys just a question here, I recently started with an aggressive link building campaign, one that I have never tried before. Issue is in the last week I have seen the significant drop in my rankings for one of these sites. This site is all original content and I haven't done anything new to site in about 6 weeks.
Only thing is link building, now it's probably just a dance, but I was wondering about how long should it go through this phase.
I have heard it might last a week or 2

Any ideas or insight will be appreciated

It will be nice to know because my other 2 sites I did not do as aggressively
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    Hi rtrp,

    In situations like the one you described it helps to have a bit more background information.

    You refer to your "site" rankings, however search engines do not rank sites, they rank individual pages of a site. So I assume you are referring to the rankings of one of your pages for a particular keyword, correct? Was your link building campaign targeting one particular page or a number of pages within your site? If it was the latter, did you see rankings fluctuate for all of those pages or just one page?

    Were you targeting more than one keyword anchor text in your link building campaign? If so, did your rankings drop for all, some, or just one of your keywords?

    How long have the pages you targeted in your link building campaign existed in the search index?

    Did you check your allinanchor ranking before your link building campaign began? If so, how has that ranking changed since?

    What type of links were you building, would they be classified as web spam or meritorious links by Google? Were they place on pages that have earned a high degree of trust, or were they placed on FFA pages?

    How long have the page(s) you targeted in your campaign existed in the search index?
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    How did you do the campaign, off the site? The best way to be authoritative is to let the content push your site up.
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    In my case, "Google dance" would just normally take less than 24 hours. It usually happens when I created/pinged more backlinks than normal. In the morning I can't find my site on SERP but later in the evening it will rank higher than the previous.

    But just lately, I have noticed that my site was deleted on SERP but only in Google. It used to rank #5 for a very competitive keyword and now it's nowhere to be found. And it has been almost a month. And it seems that only Google has deleted my site on their SERP because Yahoo & Bing has ranked it #4 and #5 respectively.

    So in your case, it may have been a "Google dance" or you have been penalized by Google. I suggest you continue to build more backlinks then check your site's SERP regularly.
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      If you build links too quickly on a brand new site, your site may get sandboxed and this means that your individual keyword focused content pages won't be able to achieve any high rankings for the next 4-8 months.

      No one really knows exactly what causes a site to get sandboxed, some SEO pros also believe that something like the Google sandbox doesn't even exist.

      Anyway, lots of people who build links to quickly experience the exact same problems you described.

      Here is what I suggest:

      Keep on creating unique content for your site
      Build links slowly
      Build links from various sources
      Also try to get some quality links from authority sites

      ... and your pages (as long as they are not focused on overly competitive terms) should start ranking nicely in a few months time.

      Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to get out of the sandbox quicker.
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    If you were throwing thousands of links within the space of a day or two and stopped, then Google may have slapped your site, however if you built links at a high velocity consistently, then I don't think you've been slapped and you should regain your rankings soon.

    I haven't been slapped by aggresively building links, however I build quality links and there is a difference in quality.

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    Listen to... dburk

    He's raising most of the points that happen to people with this issue.

    Here's a few considerations (of which I have found to cause the issue your describing)

    1. Inconsistent link building, i.e. historically you had 10 b.links to your site a day and now thanks to some software your using it's like taking a BAZOOKA to a darts match. Impactful but exceedingly destructive.

    2. The quality of your links. I'm sure you already know getting 10 backlinks from a PR0 spammy unrelevant site to yours will do very little to create trust with Google and will often do more to harm then help. I mention more about this here:You Do NOT Want Your Competition To Get This!MORE Rankings, MORE Traffic & MORE Money In Your Niche

    3. Consider how "natural" your looking to Google... building a TON of links and not creating on site content does even less to look organic. Here's a tip, write 3 - 5 articles 300 - 500 (1000 max) on your site regardless of the keywords and with links pointing to different resources this helps to put Google at ease.

    Those are three of the most pertient causes I've come to recognise...
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      Thanks guys all this info is really great. A little more info on my part, most of these links are coming from articles, blogs and some profile linking.
      I just checked analytics this morning and visitors are now coming back.
      It's not quite at the level it was before. I have to check more about the referring keywords.

      I believe that my linking campaign before was almost nil and then there was a large jump of links built per day, I was getting 500 uniques per day before then it went down to average 125 uniques for 6 days. Today it is back up to 260

      Yes I did have my keywords for different pages and with different keywords, found that out here at the forum. So all looks well.

      Thanks to evewryone
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    Google dance does not as long as one or two week. In my case it gets back to normal just in 24 to 48 hours.
    Keep doing off page with some variation in anchor text.
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