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I am thinking of creting a large number of dummy wp sites (lets say 50) aand then feeding those sites with 'unique' spun content

I was wondering if there was a service or software that will not only spin articles but will then automatically post them as well. If this process cannot be automated I dont know if it is worth the time. Or is it even worth the time regardless?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have
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    For distributing to a network of sites, I use BlogBot. You can also use Article Marketing Robot to do the same thing.

    I pay people to spin the articles. A cheaper option would be The Best Spinner, but the quality can be really poor unless you spend a long time doing the spinning.

    I don't know of any all in one type services. I'm sure you could probably post a job on Elance or oDesk and find someone to do it though.
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    So youre going to clog the internet with more garbage?


    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Originally Posted by ramone_johnny View Post

      So youre going to clog the internet with more garbage?

      I have 'white hat' operations and i have 'grey hat' operations. to be honest the whole 'spam' label at this point seems to have degenerated into semantics to me.

      I have well written articles by professional authors, and ones written by overseas employees. since both are written for links and distribution both are spam to me.

      I personally make blog comments that 'are quality and contribute to the discussion' i also have overseas employees that make blog comments. Since I will only post on do follow blogs both are 'spam' to me.

      Really I cant think of much seo backlink building that isnt spam because most of it would be done if it didnt generate a link.

      I guess the only non spam is direct traffic marketing atleast in my humble opinion
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    This would have worked 3-4 years ago even before the term "Auto-blog" got into the mainstream. Have done this as well and made a nice recurring monthly income from adsense in the past.

    The way I see it, you just want to have articles spun poorly, add them to sites, promote minimally, then watch your adsense income bring you $$.

    As someone who has been in that process, I would suggest you think about it again. Of course, this is just a friendly advice.

    Hope this helps.

    -Yan Kirby
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    Thank you Yankirby,

    Let me state my objectives to offer a better idea of what I want to accomplish

    I plan to have a human spin and artilce for me.

    I would then like to put that article into a system that auto spins it and then posts it into a blog, then spins it again and posts it into another blog and so on and so on.

    These auto-blogs will point to key blogs in my link wheel and a few in at my money site. None will have and adsesne on them.
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    Article Marketing Robot has its own spinner, can submit spun articles, add your very own directory list and has a scheduler for submissions. One good thing about it can report the urls of the published articles.
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      Racell P

      TYhank you very much to you and all who replied
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