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Hi all,

I am just getting started in all this, and was curious about Link Exchanges. How does one typically do this? Do you just email random people and ask them to link to your site? Are there strategies, best practices, or some sort of written or unwritten etiquette guidelines to this?


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    You need to get an incentive for them to be able to do a link exchange with you.

    I have a site right now with over 100 link exchanges on high PR websites.

    Find what others are doing, and do the same thing! You can take it from there.
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    What you should do it to make a list of sites that you want to exchange links with. Once you are done and you should contact each site's owner individually. You should try to personalize your message so that it may look legitimate. Link exchange seems to be one of the best way that you can get quality links pointing back to your site. I would suggest you to lean a little bit on relevancy because it is something that Google recommends.
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    Make sure your are swapping links w/ webmasters of relevant interests. If you have a website about cars - you would not want to swap links w/ a webmaster that has a site about women clothing.

    With that said - I think Google frowns on swapping links anyway...
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    Thank you everyone for your great feedback, it's very much appreciated!
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    LinksBuilder offers various link building service with an emphasis on
    careful, natural and ethical link nurturing, allows you to either exchange links
    or buy low cost, high quality inbound links to quickly optimize your search engine
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    Try This Out..!!
    Go To Google Search
    "powered by wordpress" "your niche" and press enter you got the website list which is also on same niche..??

    Condition Always apply for only Wordpress Blog
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    the powered by wordpress search is a good trick. If you look around there are many ways to find related sites, but it still comes down to you having to bug someone to put a link on their site. You need to have a really good reason or they will ignore it.

    Or just buy links.
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      I can't remember the name of it right now but if you search for backlink exchange on google you'll find some, check them out. I joined one for free and got some really good backlinks from it. All you do is get a list from them in your email and then you contact each one and agree to exchange links with them. It's time consuming but it works.
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    find high pr sites that are related to your niche and then contact the owner of the site to make a link exchange..
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    One-way links are better, but a link exchange simply involves site A linking to site B and site B linking back to site A.

    Unless you mean a 3-way link exchange, in which case site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A.
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