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I have seen this many times but lately I am seeing it more extended lengths of time. I am working on building back links. I do all of mine manually and really only a few at a time on sites with little to no back links. Google places us high up on the first page and then we disappear. I am used to this in the past but with in a few days I would reappear now it seems to be disappearing for weeks at a time. Anyone else notice this?? any ideas?
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    Could simply be the "Google Dance" or it could be result of the Google algorithm updates occurring.
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    Its normal, often referred to as a Google Dance and is most common with sites like you say - that have little to no backlinks. You'll shoot up and drop down then return to stay. Just keep building backlinks

    And yes, it can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks - sounds like you're just getting unlucky lately!
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    Yes, It can be a bit alarming but just seems to be more prolonged these days. I will keep moving forward and see what happens. thanks for the input!
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    Some times a site can bounce like a rubber ball. Especially young ones or with few links that are being worked on.

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      It's really annoying I know.

      I put up an amazon associate site about 5 weeks back, I did 5 reviews in those 5 weeks, the last being about a week back and was appearing on page 1 in the UK which is my target audience for several keywords.

      I had made several commissions in the last week and now in the last few days I'm appearing on the second to last result on the last page for the main keyword and not appearing for the other keywords I was ranking for also.

      It's happened before on a few of my sites and can last for months acting like a yo-yo. I have a site that when it's stable makes a decent amount of money but when it's dancing I make hardly anything in anything at all.

      I think all the ranking keywords drop with the site and it is annoying to know you're missing out on money because you're sites disappeared, but with previous sites that did it they now appear to be stable although not all are and the funny thing is the ones that are now stable weren't high commission sites so I just let them go basically and didn't touch them anymore but now they are stable on page 1.

      Just one of those things I guess. I don't use googles webmaster tools anymore and I'm thinking of deleting the sites from google analytics because I'm pretty sure that's got something to do with it.

      Anyway don't stop doing what you're doing is what I'd say.
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    As everyone else says, it's most likely the Google dance. Only thing you can really do is create more high quality content and backlinks.
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    New sites bouncing around is nothing new. It can unfortunately discourage a lot of newbies building sites and they think they have messed up or done something wrong, but this happens to pretty much everyone.

    The trick is to get as many backlinks from as many different sources as you can, and build consistently. The first few months your site is live I believe is THE most important time to be building links.

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