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Wondering what y'all think of social bookmarking nowadays as far as building backlinks for SEO purposes. Is it worth the extra time setting up bookmarking projects for building links. Manual vs automated with software?

Or is time better spent building links that are higher in authority? I personally hate social bookmarking and have barely ever used it (so I haven't experienced the effects of using it on a large scale amount) but if its effective then I can learn to "put up"....
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    Social Bookmarking is on the rise these days. Indeed, it is very convenient having bookmarks to your favorite sites that can be accessed online anytime. You will not just have another relevant backlink but also expose your web site to millions of users. As a result traffic flow will increase.
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    Social bookmarking is very useful for SEO. But, if your do not like it, then try forum posting. Forum signature provide link juice for your site and also provide direct traffic. This is a very potential place for marketing any online product and service.
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    When it comes to social bookmarking, I trust the power of SEONuke X. When used appropriately it will boost your SEO as well as bring in direct targeted traffic, which is a great double whammy.
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    Social media is one of the big key in successfully online marketing. And top and popular companies (tech and notech) are continuously promote their business in Social media.

    And you are bookmarking links on social media sites. So you can't avoid it, also its helps you SERP as well increase visitors then backlinks. You can read here more details. You can read more details at WeBuildLink (dot) com in SBM page.

    You do SBM submission by both manual and software. SEONuke is one of the good automated software for SBM.
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    Am I the only one thinking this but when it comes to the strengh of bookmarking links SEO wise, they don't carry a lot of weight?

    Don't get me wrong, I still use them but really to deversify my link structure

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      I side with you in this case. The social bookmarking links can make a difference in your seo levels. However this links as compared to others they carry with them little link juice!

      I can do your articles at competitive prizes.

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    we used to experiment with social bookmarking a lot but ultimately found it more or less a waste of time for most sites. only sites that are viral and attract genuine user attention do well in social bookmarking. regular ecommerce or review sites are too boring - you're basically trying to force people to like your stuff, which never really works. so for such sites being oldschool and focusing on content and regular linkbuilding is more effective.
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    Social bookmarking is important for SEO, mostly it gives you the no follow links. It should be done only if you have automated tools to do it all you can also go for a free services like only wire
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    Social Bookmarking is very helpful for our website traffic this one a good way for creating a link for our website because of all people using social sites so its importance is also increasing
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  • Social bookmarking one of the best seo effort that give quality backlinks for site easily
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  • HI

    Social Bookmarking is Best Ways Increase Traffic and Quality Back links And effect search engine results.
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    if you give more time to popular your profile in social bookmarking sites its will get you a good traffic and ranking as well
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      What a bunch of automated crap responses.

      Anyhow... IMO, social bookmarking links do not carry anywhere near the weight they once did. If you get lucky, they may generate some traffic. The popular social bookmarking sites still get crawled a lot by the search engines, so they can be useful for getting sites and links crawled, but that is about it.
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    bookmarking is the best way of increase website traffic and keyword ranking.
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      I would use it as one of the ways to get links.

      It works very well for diversifying your linking besides using higher authority sites for linking.
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    I dont agree with few of the above comments, I think with recent Panda Update, the SBM's are really not very useful. If you really want SBM to be effective, try using unique and different text inb the description same text will not help you in longer run
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