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Yes, my AdSense account has been disabled by Google for invalid click activity. I've appealed but they've decided not to re-instate my account. Now, I know they've banned ME and not my website so people have told me there is a sure fire way to make another AdSense account.

Now, if I just make another AdSense account with the same billing address and everything, I'm pretty sure that won't work is that right (even if the invalid click activity does not recur)?

So my question is, how can I make another AdSense account (just my second) and not get banned this time -- or is it almost guaranteed that AdSense will ban my account?
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    I got banned two years ago for the same thing but I opened up another adsense account with another gmail account. It has the exact same account settings from what I had two years ago and I was accepted again. I am not currently using adsense on my websites though.
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    If you really wanted to get a new google adsense account then you will have to apply a fresh after changing every thing which you have used previously. Like your computer, Internet IP address, create a new gmail account and don't use old gmail or google account atleast one month after you get adsense account, also you will need to apply with a new name and address. google adsense is so clever they grab every possible information. So be careful. and use website that you have never used your old adsense account.
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    I don't think they ban the website, just the user themselves. I've heard from several people that they've used the same name, different address and different IP address to access AdSense again after being banned... can someone confirm if this will work? Others have said that waiting 6 months and registering again should fix everything -- just as long as you don't do any invalid clicks or anything anymore?
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