Can no-follow links help with SERPs? (I'm not talking about PR)

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Can no-follow links help with SERPs?
I don mean with Page Rank, I mean with search results, you know, to help your website have a better position between the keywords search, have a higher rank.

I know that google values ppl who make no follow and do follow backlinks together, but I've been searching around, and it seems that in every forum, the only thing they say is "No follow backlinks dont help at all, it wont help you with your page rank". Goddamn it with PR, lol, I dont care about page rank, I need real visitors.

So, does it have some kind of influence on the search results? You know, when I see my website statistics on Alexa, it has a lot of no follow backlinks. I mean, if no follow backlinks arent important, why Alexa and Yahoo Explorer count them? Somehow they are indexed, and they must help in the search, somehow, Idk.

Little help here, please. Thx in advance.
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    Hi matheusgrafix,
    I couldn't tell you whether no-follows had a direct effect on serps. They're definitely useful tho as an essential part of a healthy group of diverse links going to your site. I just don't have the time to test them individually.

    My guess is that it enough of them would.
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