what are the tools besides Yahoo's SE to check for back links

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can you recommend the tools you use?

free/paid any things is fine

As of now yahoo only shows us the first 1000 back links even though the back links to the webpage are more
is there any way we can make yahoo list more than 1000 links?
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    Ahrefs.com and Majestic SEO.

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    Try backlinkwatch.com it is a most efective tool among the free available tools

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    how reliable is majesticseo tool guys?
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    You could try Open Site Explorer
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    No tool will show you more than 1000 backlinks for a site. Any tool gets its information from a search engine and that's all the search engines will show. I suppose it's possible for some tools to pull info from multiple search engines and thus display more than 1000 results but if a web page has 25K links you're not going to find a tool that will show you all of those links.

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    Google's Webmaster Tools recently went through an update and has started showing more accurate backlink profiles for your sites. Of course this will only work for YOUR sites and not your competition, but its a good start if your wanting to know how your sites are linked online.
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    Majestic SEO is the only other one I know of
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    Majestic SEO and OSE are the best ones.
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    i will definitely look in to majesticseo
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    Ahrefs is an alternative to Majestic and offers a mix of free and paid-for plans.

    They use their own crawler so it won't be precisely the same as Google or Majestic or Yahoo but they give you a fair amount of information including your position in the results per page for different keywords on both Google & Bing/Yahoo, split by country. Quite a neat feature.
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    pricing seems to be a bit steep for ahrefs..
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    Market Samurai might not analyze more than 1000 BLs but it will show up to 100s of thousands as a number for that url
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