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Ok here is an interesting question,

Lets say I have three main kws that are good traffic

Nursing Course
Nursing Course Training
Nursing Course Training Tuition

All three get great traffic
Lets say I have a competitor who is targeting all three of these and splitting his backlinks anchor text equally (of course we know this is not the real kws its, just for example purposes)

Seems logical, they are all going to a site with a domain name that is a combination name of some of those kws

Wouldnt it be wiser though
to target the longer tail kw in most of the anchor text, (or combinations of that long tail with other words)

Example if he had

200 backlinks Nursing Course
200 backlinks Nursing Course Training
200 backlinks Nursing Course Training Tuition

And I put 600 Backlinks for
Nursing Course Training Tuition

Wouldnt I theoretically be killing two birds with one stone?
since my longtail contains all the terms?

Now some of the backlinks could be
Explain Nursing course training tuition
Nursing course training tuition site

and also mix in
Click here etc

but the high PR backlinks would be mostly the variations of the longtail

Dont you think this strategy is wiser than his? since my longtail captures all his shorter tail kws in the anchor text? thus giving basically 600 backlinks to EACH of those kw phrases?
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    I'd like a definite answer on this too. From what I've read the anchor text has to be exact to get credit. So you will not get the SE credit for the short tail within the long tail. If anyone else knows this for sure please comment.
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  • There is no definitive answer. Using the long tail keywords which contain the other keywords is a good strategy because according to your logic you do kill two birds with one stone.

    But what you are missing from your logic is if it is "Naturally Occurring".

    This is the million dollar question, what is "Natural" to the search engines.

    If you just post thousands of comments to blogs with a specific phrase will that seem natural? Will you get caught in a filter? Will your site be dumped to a supplemental index?

    Can this every be undone?

    Can the phrase be used naturally in a sentence?

    If there were a definitive answer everyone would just do that and then it wouldn't help in any way. And that is the game you play.

    The variables that matter most are WHERE are your links with that Anchor text?

    So most people would be better served just writing on topic, doing their basic onsite SEO work - title tags, headings, alt text, then working really hard to get your link on sites that already have traffic and are very related.

    Whenever I work on linking I work in finding links that will bring traffic in and of themselves... not relying on Search is the best way. If you use this method... links that bring in traffic on their own, they will be indexed by the search engines and that anchor text will count. Your rankings will improve. And if they doesn't it wouldn't matter (It does) because you would already have targeted traffic.
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingIQ View Post

      If you just post thousands of comments to blogs with a specific phrase will that seem natural? Will you get caught in a filter? Will your site be dumped to a supplemental index?
      The OP already understands anchor text variance. That is why he said he will also add to his anchor text campaign "This site" and "Click here" etc.
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    No! I tried this several times in the past. Doesn't work the same. Use the exact keyword phrases you're targeting as anchor texts.
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    I was thinking it would be wise to split 3 times the 600 backlinks you are aiming. If this concerns me, I would keep the most solid ones for the most popular version of the keyword. Say, out of 600, there are 100 PR 5 and up. The remaining 500 would be split even to the other two versions with mini versions to make it naturally. To achieve versions within versions of keywords, I could use stop words.
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    If you lets say buy 600 backlinks Nursing Course Training Tuition, i think that makes some impact on other keywoirds, and should be worth like you bought extra
    100 backlinks Nursing Course 1/6
    200 backlinks Nursing Course Training1/3
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    My recommendation would be to go with a variety of related anchor texts as I would assume that would have the best results in the long run. Having most of your links the same just feels unnatural to me.

    I will speculate that you would get a slight boost from the longer tail anchor text, but it would not be as good as being specific.

    Just my opinion.
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    It would help you out a bit to your short tail keyword but for good ranking for short tail keyword you have to work for that separately. Although you can use better strategy to get rank early as soon as possible.
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