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What is the difference between article spinning and article rewriting?

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    Article spinning is using a software or tools that spin the article for you..While Article rewriting is you are the one who edit the existing article..Be careful in spinning articles, spinned articles, may have spelling and grammar issues..
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      Originally Posted by lancejeffersons View Post

      Article spinning is using a software or tools that spin the article for you..While Article rewriting is you are the one who edit the existing article..Be careful in spinning articles, spinned articles, may have spelling and grammar issues..
      That's not entirely accurate. You are talking about automatic spinning. Manual spinning, done right, results in 100% readable articles. That said, even automatic spinning is getting closer and closer to human readable.

      Generally, as jack already said, spinning aims at generating hundreds of copies while rewriting aims at generating one. Article rewriting is exactly as it sounds - take an article and rewrite it (the way I got through college ). Spinning uses word, phrase, sentence and paragraph replacements and a variety of tricks to generate hundreds of 'similar' articles.

      Hope that helps
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    Article rewriting is just like spinning in some cases. The difference is that article spinning generates hundreds of versions of a single article (if you use a software like TBS) while article rewriting is a manual editing of an article and generates only 1 version (if you don't have software).

    When it comes to SEO, article rewriting is recommended.

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      Both of them !! But don't over due it with article spinning.

      Article rewriting (3-4 sources => 1 article) is good for site content and high pr directories like Ezine or Dmoz.

      Article spinning can save you a lot of work but the quality is poor.
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    Manually rewrite the article take time and only create one new version of your previous article.

    I think spinning articles with tool like the best spinner can help save you some time and create lots of versions. Which you can use the articles to build links to your site.

    But in terms of quality, manual rewriting is far better than using software.

    Hope that helps.

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    Even if you generate hundreds of copies of articles through spinning, what are you going to use them for - low quality article directories? This is a waste of time, especially if you have to submit articles manually.
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    Article Spinning - Done by software
    Article Rewriting -Done by human

    However I see the meaning is changing in IM

    no sig

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    To rewrite an article is creating 1 article - spinning (usually done with software) is creating multiple new articles, based on the first article but changing the words & sentence structure.
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    When we talk about articles spinning its mean that we submit our article in a online spinning software and it spin your article and when we talk about re-writing its mean you re-write it without using any software.
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      I think it just kind of depends upon your needs at the time. If you're talking about putting out articles who's primary purpose is to bring in search traffic through Google and Bing, spinning wins fairly often. Informational articles in competitive niches should be heavily edited if spinning occurs. Writing articles also gives you a big advantage, being the "only" article about this or that topic. Creativity can give you a big edge here, but some don't possess too much of it.

      Also time and volume.. These are all business considerations really.

      We spin articles and then go in and make human changes, rearrange the structure of articles.. then add little tidbits and client keywords. I would be horrified putting out spun articles without having a human work them over.

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    in order for article to be re written you need to change it more then 40% of the content
    spin article is more about 90% and not all the sentences are readable
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    Article rewriting is done manually, the main theme of the article is basically the same but you present it in a different way and also use different sentences to give the same meaning.
    Article spin is entirely a different concept. Instead of re-writing whole sentences and phrases all you do is replace some words with their synonyms or similar meaning words. The Search Engine will see different words and think that the content is unique whereas a human user will see the difference
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    I am not sure ,but i can say article spinning would be by using a software while re writing would be by the humans...
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    Article spinning is when you use a software that automatically replaces words with synonyms that makes the article look unique to the SE crawler.
    Article re-writing is when you take whole sentences and put them together in such a way that the theme of the article remains the same but you have a different way of saying it
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    What is the difference between article spinning and article rewriting?

    REWRITING an article is taking something that is already written and making a fresh new article with an outcome that has the same meaning as the original. A lot of writers seem to take each paragraph as it is and rewrite it like that which can come across as too similar to the original article. A good rewrite is one that can give you all the same information as the original but appear totally different as if the first article version never existed.

    SPINNING an article is where you would have paragraphs and sentences made up of many words in spin text. Spin text appears in format like this {example|examples}. You would have a normal sentence surrounding it, then you then load them into a spinning machine so that you get many different outcomes thus creating multiple articles. For example, "that dress is {lovely|nice|beautiful}". So that sentence can now come out three different ways, like this:

    "that dress is lovely"
    "that dress is nice"
    "that dress is beautiful"

    You would make the whole article like this, and the more words you use in spin text the more versions you will get, unless you are limited to a certain quantity.

    Hope this helps,

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      Article spinning is done by software.but article rewriting is article modified by human.
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    Article Spinning is the process in which you spin the article Through Particular Spinning Software while in Article Rewriting you have to rewrite the original article in your own words!!
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    Their are some softwares through which you can generate a new copy of article by giving one this is known as article spinning. Article rewriting means you write an someone's article by simply writing it in your words
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    I do think article spinning is a way to generate hundreds of spinning artciles from one original one.But article rewritting is a manual editing way to get a new article only.
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      Article spinning is just replacing the main keywords with the help of the software or something like that. You don't really get a "new" article.
      Article re-writing is like taking an already written article and then changing it and making it into something new. Something done by humans
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    Article Rewriting done by human, use native english speaker to rewrite your article
    Buntychocooo will manually rewrite an article up to 600 words for $5, only on
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    Article rewriting is better than article spinning!

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