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I have a question about putting the adsense link ads across your header.

It seems a lot of people were getting banned from adsense and receiving the explanation...that it was because they were getting the viewers to mistakenly click their ads.

However, I got rid of my navigation bar at the top of my site. Everything is in the sidebar now.

I was wondering if putting a link ad across the top of that header will be considered as breaking TOS because it is deceptively placing the ads so that viewers will click on them thinking they are the navigation links.
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    No its okay to use the ads in your header, the basic idea of showing ads is that people click them, and most CTR you can get is in the header.

    Those people might have been banned because they would have been using unethical ways to increase their revenue.
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    Header ads are ok, I'm successfully running them on one site.

    As long as they're not misleading, you should be ok. People use a lot of dodgy tactics to get viewers to click ads, as long as you're not doing those a header ad is not in violation of TOS.
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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    I would be careful about putting a link unit across your header without having a navigation bar also in the header.

    Visitors might click on the ads mistaking them for your navigation links and this can get you into trouble with Google.
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      Actually, it's the other way around. You don't want a menu under it,
      as you may get accidental clicks. Don't put a navigational bar
      near an adsense ad like that. People go for a link and click an ad
      by mistake.

      Putting a 728 block at the very top, or below header image is
      quite common, and quite practical.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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