Anyone ran a profitable 7search campaign?

by Wham
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For the life of me I cannot get this traffic to convert to break profit, but I have gotten conversions so I do feel there is potential.

I've disabled from appearing in the contextual network, because I'm pretty sure that traffic is just more bad then good.

I'm using email submits, good converting email submits that convert at the very least 10% on decent traffic, but with this traffic its 2-3% at best. I've tried many different approaches on titles/descriptions, didn't make any difference. It's literally like no one even reads them, which brings me to my next point.

I know the "cf" (clickfree) keywords are just redirected traffic, and I'm not sure if when bidding on broad/phrase, if the cf keywords get automatically included in it or not? I suspect it is just redirect traffic that I'm getting for the most part, that's the only reason I can think of that would yield such poor conversion rates.

Maybe going after exact match keywords would solve this, which is what I'm testing now. Traffic is much slower, so it'll take some time before being able to tell if its going to be better converting traffic, or if it's the same bad converting traffic, just received slower.

I'd mainly just like to hear about anyone here who has has success with 7search as some encouragement. Though tips/suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
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