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I run a blog over at

I wrote one post back in early September, and it has still not gotten indexed in Google. It's driving me INSANE.

All my other posts are indexed somewhere in Google, but I have 1 or 2 posts that will not get indexed no matter what. I've tried social bookmarking(Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter) and I've submitted my RSS feeds and I've pinged my links but the post refuses to get indexed in Google.

Does anyone have expierience with their posts not getting indexed in Google. any help is appreciated. Thanks
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      I already submitted my sitemap. Should I resubmit it?
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    Is the content completely unique? If it's not, Google probably won't index it.

    Try writing an article and submitting it to main directories such as Ezine, ArticleBase etc. and link to the post directly from the resource box. This should help Google find it - although, if you have submitted your sitemap to Google then it should get indexed.

    Hope that helps.

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      Yup. All my content is 100% unique and I submitted my sitemap. I dont know why I can't get indexed
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    There's not much more you can do to get indexed than what you've already done.

    Have you submitted articles/backlinks pointing to your post? This can just sometimes help Google realise that it's content that should be listed in their results.

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    Interlink it from one of your indexed posts. Funny how people evolve their SEO and forget the most simple steps. Put it this way: if YOUR own site doesn't mark it as good (interlinking it) why should others do it?
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      Thanks for the help guys, I'll try out the tips listed and report back whether it worked or not. Thanks again
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    Interlinking your posts could solve it, in my opinion.. Also, if you ever come across relevant blog commenting, you can search for blog posts explaining things related to that non-index blog post of yours, comment on them and don't forget to mention your relevant content on the comment. This works for me, it should work for you.
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    Are you sure it isn't indexed? I had another person recently post the same thing and when I messaged them for the link and checked it, it was indeed indexed. It just wasn't highly ranked. Can you post the exact title of your blog and blog post here so I can search for it?

    or you can do this and check it yourself

    Type SITE:HTTP://YOURSITE.COM by replacing that with your own blog URL in the Google search box. And then click search. After that you will know whether your blog has been indexed by google or not.
    If your blog has been index by Google, you can see some search result appear such as the below image. Thats meant that Google already index your blog.
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      This is my blog post URL:

      Can anyone tell me if it's indexed anywhere in Google?

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    keep building links from high PR website, and such as article directories will help too.. the more you have backlinks from high PR website the faster SE will index your posts

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    and why dont you just post in wordpress or blogspot to make better and faster indexed?

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    I see it loud and clear with:
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