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by UMS
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I was doing some keyword research yesterday and for certain keyword phrases (iphone related), I kept getting the message:

"There was an error with your operation. If you were trying to make a change, it may not have saved. Please refresh this page to try again. If the error continues, log out of your Adwords account, then log in again and return to this page"

I have refreshed, logged out multiple times but it makes no difference.

I though this might have been an isolated problem, but a friend of mine was also getting the same error.

Anyone else had this problem with GAKT?
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    I found that logging out of my main username and logging back in as another user has "fixed" my problem.

    Hope it's just temporary.
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      I am getting error messages too. I logged in under a different account, still getting error messages. I was using Firefox 8 to which I upgraded a few days ago - I am wondering if it's anything to do with that.

      I tried a different browser (Chrome) and it's working perfectly fine.

      Very strange...
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        Same thing for me - actually using chrome is when I get the error. Seems to work fine when using IE - real pain in the butt
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    Try using Keyword Blaze instead (they get their date directly from the google keyword tool and have way more features).
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