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How to find blogs to comment on. Either high PR or lower.
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    I have found the most effective way is to search out good blogs and information sites on which you can genuinely a comment or a contribution which adds some real value. There are hundreds of opportunities for every legimitate website topic if you are patient, look carefully and consider what you can usefully contribute, rather than just rushing in with only a link in mind.
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    You don't have to use it as a commenting tool. You can use it to harvest & analyze blog posts on a massive scale. (I'm currently checking the PR of over 120k blog posts.) Nearly impossible to do manually.

    If you want to use commenting as a large part of your backlinking strategy then SB is an incredibly valuable tool for the research features alone.
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    Hi Opportunist86,
    Your concern should be on how to identify the niche that most appeal to you. When you have identified the niche, search the Google for the blogs in that niche. You may be surprised to find blogs that have good content and high traffic. Such blogs may have high PR which signifies its popularity with the search engines and humans.

    Commenting on such blogs will be most preferred because of the back links which are also a function of the quality of your comments.
    Blogs with low PR may show up on the search engine down the pages and if you comment on such blogs, your comments may not be easily seen by other searchers who are supposed to benefit from them.

    Therefore while searching for blogs to comment on, think of the popularity of the blog vis a vis the PR and your niche of interest.

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      But most of the blogs that I barely find have nofollow tags. Now, do nofollow links really not counted by search engines in ranking?
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    How to find good blogs to comment on?
    1. Manual search: Use Google's blog tab for finding such logs 'keyword'+dofollow
    2. You can use some tool for finding such blogs. I use 'keyword Country' for finding my niche related celebrity blogs that accept blog commenting for backlinking.

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    I think it is very difficult to find high page rank do follow blogs which are must be relevant to your site.Because most of the blogs have high page rank but they are not do follow.For keyword optimization do follow blogs are helpful you to increase your site page rank even they have PR1.So, first you can try to search manually and collect do follow blogs which must be have at-least PR1.
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      in the google search, enter your keyword(s) then click search
      once the results show up,
      go on the left to search tools and click
      that's one way.

      then to add your links to something people are currently reading
      on the timeline you can choose last 7 days or last 24 hours, or most recent.
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    If you don't have scrapebox you can use SEO plugin for firefox and firefox search (ctrl+f) by typing inurl:blog "keyword";

    I choose 100 results to get the best result.

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    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    I have found a lot of great do-follow blogs through the comment luv network: The ComLuv Network
    Sandra Sims

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    I use scrapebox. its super fast
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    If you want to find the blogs than enter your keyword in the search engine box and than enter and than go to the left side of the search engine there you will find the more go in there and than select the blog than you will appear with the blogs as a search results.
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