Ideas For Keywords - Where to Get Them?

by zannix
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Where do you guys get your ideas for the keywords or niches that you want to target?
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    i use the adwords keyword tool.

    i'll think on a broad subject. type it into the keywords tool and from there it shows relative words so you can narrow down into a niche.

    if you are having a hard time thinking of a topic, just browse the library, and some topics may strike your interest.
    just look at the various book titles in the different sections.

    w w w buildwebsitesuccess com slash website-topics dot html
    heres a site to help you get started
    i can't post links yet so you'll have to fill in the blanks.
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    McDonald's, Amazon, Walmart, Kroger....Anywhere there are people...
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    Originally Posted by zannix View Post

    Where do you guys get your ideas for the keywords or niches that you want to target?
    What's wrong with using Google KeyWordTool?
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      Originally Posted by jojojo333 View Post

      What's wrong with using Google KeyWordTool?
      Nothing, the tool itself is great... I'm not talking about keyword selection based on the data this tool provides, but instead I'm talking about the ideas for keywords and niches... you know?
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    Ya the kw tool is great but you have to start somewhere entering kws INTO the tool

    what kws do you enter
    thats the 100,000 dollar question
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      I think it really depends on the type of website you're looking to market. If it's some sort of affiliate site then I would research the item I am trying to push, grab keywords based on repeated words on articles about it. Then, use the Google keyword tool to assess viability (SEO/SEM needed based on competition, SEO value based on volume) and pick those with lowest competition to highest return.
      If you're in e-commerce, then I would look at words of competitors and try to get exposure on those. I would get a $100 google adwords certificate and play around with SEM, whichever words respond well is where I would focus my SEO effort.

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    I've had great ideas walking in a bookstore and just looking at general topics. I try to find topics that are going to be "need" based but you can also find niches that are just "information" based too depending on what type of site you are generating. is another great place.

    Ebay Pulse can be full of ideas as well.

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    Go to a forum in the market you are interested in and take a look at the different topics to get keyword ideas

    Also, check out any big name websites in the field you are interested in and use Alexa to see what search terms people are using that go to that site.

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    Keep a moleskin with you at all times. I have one, and any time I see something that I think would make me money, I write it down ... then I do the keyword research on it later. I have about 15 ideas from this weekend.

    Ideas come from the strangest places, but you need to be ready when they come, and you need to remember them.

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    Couple of suggestions :-
    DMA mailing lists .. type in marketer and check some of the lists to see what keywords they target.

    Hypnosis Downloads .. some good long tail keywords.
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    I usually peep ideas of keywords, looking on my competitors in semrush. And also look on forums sections with general discussions, where I can find news and interesting ideas for the future sites.
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    Amazon bestsellers and ebay pulse is all you need!
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    I use wordtracker and google keyword tool to get new keywords.
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    My head (its a weird and wonderful place!!). But I do this as I will generally think of things I am interested in and if I am not interested in subject I want to build a good site on then there is just no way (unless I outsource it). Tried this in my early days and just got bored and left them partly done and moved on to something interesting!!
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    Google Trends is good to know about what it hot in the market and what type of niche is gaining popularity. Ideas start from here.
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    The way I first learned how to pick a niche was to list your top 5 interests and top 5 fears.
    It was good way to start because to make your first website, it's important to make a site on something you would be interested in researching and writing content on.
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    You can do a search on google about different niches. When you choose one you want to go for, type into google keyword tool. It will give you different keyword related to the term you are searching for.
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    Bran storm, what are you trying to market, the go to your site look at it is trying to convey to people who you are visiting your site. Go to Google or other search engines put in a word that relates to your site & see what comes up and look at those sites get ideas that way, also using Google free keyword tool
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    One way of generating root keywords to start your keyword research is think of items in your house worth $50 or more.

    I see dozens of things things where I'm sat now... Tables, chairs, computer desk, radiators... You get the point.

    Basically your house is goldmine of keyword research ideas... Use it!

    Hope this helps!


    P.S. Just so you know, this is what I do if I want to build adsense or Amazon sites, but if I wanna go deeper into a market i.e. create products, listbuilding then I'd lean towards something you're passionate about.
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    Tools like Google AdWords can help you finding the keywords which you believe would be the best matching niches for your website and then, the next phase would be searching the net, taking a look at top-ranking websites and writing down possible combinations, long-tail key phrases which can also help your website having better chances of ranking high on the net. As you know, they are very great, especially for new sites which still do not have very top ranks.

    The real point to mention is that it would be wise to stick with keywords and niches which you believe you have experience and knowledge about. A mistake made by some people is that they simply search for top-paying keywords, which at the same time would be extremely competitive to approach in most cases, without having information about them. A great website is moderated by a knowledgeable admin, the person picking the terms they know a lot about.
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