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Do you request that your outsourced writers write their 150 word articles so as to be relevant to your keywords, or do you just slap your link into any old text?

If I put out a job on Odesk for 100 150 word BMR articles, should I ask that they be contextual?
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    Yes, they should definitely be contextual, there is a warrior that does BMR writing and he uploads it to your account for you. he delivered on time and i saw a big increase in my rankings (not competitive keywords) the link is

    his support was great when i had questions.
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    Just get someone else to write them and post it yourself. It takes literally takes 2 minutes to post 10 of them and you save a lot of money.

    I've tried getting my writer to post for me and getting just the blog posts. The second way is a lot easier and cheaper.

    I have someone who writes really high quality content (it's a shame I have her do my BMR posts) who I pay $5 per 10 posts. Here's my exact job posting:

    Looking for someone to write short 150 word articles on keywords I will give you.

    Writing doesn't have to be high quality but needs to be 100% grammatically correct with no spelling errors.

    If hired, you will be writing roughly 10-20 articles/week.

    Please bid with your rate per ten 150 word articles.


    And when I hired her, I told her I needed the KW in the first or second sentence.

    Simple stuff

    BTW- I also sometimes use BMR to link to my inner pages instead of just the domain. Seen some reeeealy nice SERP boosts with this.
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    Absolutely they should be contextual, especially if you are PAYING for the content.

    If you want to push out volume I recommend hiring someone and paying by the hour and having a word quota. That'll keep your costs low and have a steady income for the writers, a win/win situation. Especially considering the articles don't need to be harvard quality editorials or anything.

    Remember to set quota's though, otherwise you'll be paying too much.
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      Thanks for all the great advice everyone!
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  • ive been hiring writers from odesk for a whie now for my BMR posts here is my job posting, ive always got competent worker from it

    You must have previous experience with BuildMyRank

    Candidate must have blog posts that are already accepted on the BMR system as we will only be paying for accepted posts

    You should be able to write high quality original posts that get accepted by BuildMyRank. No spun content. No plagiarism. I will pay only for posts that get accepted. You will, of course, need to follow the requirements of BuildMyRank.

    I will provide anchor and urls, these niches are mostly xxxxxxxxx. You will place anchor text and links in the body of article (you should know what to do if you have already used BMR)

    Blog posts must obviously be on topic to the keyword. You can write about anything in the niche as long as you fit in the anchor text/link and it makes sense

    You will be given a writers accounts on BMR. You will need to edit or replace any rejected posts. Remember, we will only be paying for accepted posts

    project will be cancelled if the provider does not submit 1 BMR article within 1 working day.

    Delivery - xxx articles per day submitted into BMR.

    *If no posts are submitted/in queue for more than 24 hours i will cancel the contract. It is very important i have a constant flow of articles added.
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    too bad can only have 5 writer slots open :O
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      Originally Posted by hexengon View Post

      too bad can only have 5 writer slots open :O
      I can only have 5 writers even with the $79 package?
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        Originally Posted by fated82 View Post

        I can only have 5 writers even with the $79 package?
        Yes. To be able to request an increase you need to have 5 writers currently employed with 100+ articles accepted each, with 95%-100% acceptance rates.
        Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    I am open for more work right now. So if you are interested in outsourcing your BMR articles, just leave me a message. I can post your articles for you as well if you give me a writers account.
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    Good advice for working with BMR.
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    Links can't be slapped into any text the way that they can for other types of programs. They should be related to the content. Also, having someone with a writer's account set up is a good way to monitor that they are accepted and it will save you time from uploading them yourself. Setting up the keyword links in advance is a way to be sure the links will be done properly. Sometimes, if you try to underline the phrase and use the little link icon,it will add a space after the keyword.

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    Yeah it has to be in context with the keywords 100% because the articles may get declined if not.

    I have seen a fair few people say that they have been having heaps of BMR articles rejected as of late.
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    They should be contextual somewhat. At least in the same niche and you can mention the keyword in the sentence and it will make sense.
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      I always outsource to BMR directly. I've always had good results. The articles are contextual, they use my link appropriately, and the turnaround time is usually good. They're a bit more expensive than other providers, but they do the job right, because it's their site, and they post it for you. I like it because it's a real time saver.
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