Google has a backlink block on my site!

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I've been building alot of backlinks lately from very reputable domains pinged them, created rss feeds, submitted them to meta indexing sites or whatever they're called and still not ONE link has gotten indexed.

These are great sites such as Yahoo Answers, examiner, gottabemobile,thenextweb,dailytech and more.

This is why I HATE building links manually. I'm literally spending countless hours finding and submitting quality, relevent backlinks and it's been nothing but a big waste of time.

I don't even want to build links anymore. I wish I could afford to buy them I would buy links all day long.

This has lead me to think that Google has put a backlink block on my site. I mean, I don't see why else they're not getting indexed. It's been about 9 days already. I've been pinging them every other day and nothing.

Can anyone tell me what's going on and what I can do about it? I'd appreciate it, thanks.
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    It's only been 9 days....

    Be patient. Check in 2 or 3 months.

    Stop spending your time on checking your backlinks, use that time building them.

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      In my experience If any links aren't indexed within a week they're not going to get indexed. I haven't even mentioned the the hundreds of bookmarking links I posted, thousands of profiles, Senuke submissions and a crap load of other links I've been posting literally not one link has ever showed.
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        How are you checking the backlinks?
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    Links don't get indexed right away. This is the biggest misconception I had when I first started out. It took a lot of frustrating moments like the one you are going through now before I realized that SEO moves in weeks and months, not hours and days. 9 days is waaaay too early to expect any results. Keep doing what you're doing.
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      You need to revamp your link strategy. If you
      think those are great places for backlinks,
      think again. I'm sure those are all nofollow,
      or at least most are. If you think those are
      relative, quality backlinks, man I don't know
      what you have been smoking.

      I'd say you are wasting your time.

      One good paid link is worth a zillion of yours, as
      well as one real good manual link. (Not one of
      yours, however.)


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Best thing I learnt is that whatever I do now will show results in 3 months.....

    Take a longer term view with SEO
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    What method are you using to determine that the backlinks aren't indexed?

    Remember that if you use Google to check your backlinks, it will only show you a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of your actual backlinks.
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    how are you checking your backlinks?
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      I'm checking my links with I think I will try building backlinks to my backlinks. I haven't tried that route yet.
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    Pinging links through RSS feeds is pretty pointless now. If they were real quality links, you wouldn't have to ping them.
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    the real test is to actually just track your site in google and see how it is doing

    links: 'your URL'

    shows up with the list of links. But remember this is still only a fraction fo the actual links. google doesnt want to give away all its secrets!!
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    by the way, you want to type

    links: your url i

    nto the search bar of google and remove the quote marks.

    Tried to type an example url but was told I cant post links
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