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do google index duplicate content?
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    yes google mostly index the duplicate content but may you got the very lowest position in the google search and one duplicate post can also damage the whole site SEO

    Here I would like to another question, dear anyone there would like to tell me that if my site is a dynamic site and all the panels, footers and other matters are same on the site and i've post one news regarding "lahore board matric exams 2012" and other "lahore board ssc exams 2012" when i check both post in duplicate content checker, I've got 98% similar content, as my footer, header, right panels and other material under the news is same and news is also very similar because there is a minor change.

    as I know and my visitors obviously know that both posts are not duplicate and not similar, then how would search engine would behave with these similar pages....
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    Google has also recently been able to identify spin content and poor contents to drop them lower in its ranking.
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    I think Google will index the duplicate content..Because, I just copy and paste the someone travel article to my dummy blog .. After that within two days, I got PR0 for my blog...
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      google still index the duplicate content, most articles get lots of backlinks that will occupy a good position in SERP

      not the first To publish the article LOL
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        Originally Posted by rezaafriadi View Post

        google still index the duplicate content, most articles get lots of backlinks that will occupy a good position in SERP

        not the first To publish the article LOL
        And google still kick the website with duplicate content, LOL
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    Google checks the site and if it notice that some content is duplicated from another then it applies different types of penalties.

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    What about article submission with duplicate content?
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      Google uses something called the secondary index - that's were all duplicate content goes. The bad news is you won't rank for duplicate content.

      Also, I recommend you avoid duplicate content on your site as much as possible (use a robots.txt file) - if most of your site content is duplicate content, Google will "punish" you with a site wide penalty and you won't even be able to rank for your quality, unique content pages.
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    I nominate this the best thread with the worst information...not one of you knows what the hell you are talking about but you all got your sig links in...
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    I am confused with some content collection sites - actually they are a kind of duplicate content and why they can rank better than original sources.
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    yes it do, but the website panelized for the duplicate content.
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    Originally Posted by jackrice View Post

    do google index duplicate content?
    If one has use the content of the other person or from the other place and use it for the own site. And if the site is first crawled by the google then the content will be crawled and if find useful then indexed also. But when google find that this site content is not the original and has copied from else then google can penalised you.
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    Google will banned for duplicate content. so always use unique content for your website
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    You should not ask such questions.. From last feb, after panda update, duplicate content is curse to your website.. Google may index it, but wont be of any use... coz google will not consider it for any purpose..

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    definitely not. Google hates duplicate content. Best way is to always to a permanent redirect.
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    yes, Google index duplicate content. But this may be harmful for your website, because Google sometimes penalize the duplicate content sites. So, don't use duplicate content on your website.

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    Google doesn't consider website with duplicate content in fact it may penalized it.
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    Yes Google does index duplicate content. This happens all the time. Someone creates a great article, than people take the article and do not provide a linkback. Countless websites get penalized for duplicate content, so do not do this.
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    Dont try it. Google will for sure punish your website position for it.
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    Please, Please, Please STOP referring to "duplicate content" as the same content on different sites.

    "Duplicate content" is a very specific SEO term that refers the to same content occurring multiple times on the SAME domain.

    Usually this is in ecommerce stores:

    ^^ different URLs, same content on page = duplicate content.

    You can read more here.
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    Guys what are you saying !!! Google DOES index duplicate content. Of cource it does, i have a live example for a year or so.

    BUT it doesn't rank or it ranks very low / hard.
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    If all these claims about "duplicate content" are true then why does EzineArticles, GoArticles, etc...exist? Why do Press Release sites exist? Won't every site which uses their syndicated content then be "banned"?

    Please re-read what BenJackson said 500 will eventually sink in.
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