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I have a website for my business that is based of my company name nothing in the domain name is really keyword for my business. I recently got an email from someone asking if I wanted to buy this domain name which is has the keywords of the services my company provides plus the city in it. He is asking about $400 for the domain and its registered with godaddy. I checked and found various versions of that domain name with - and words moved around on godaddy for sell for 10$.

Should I buy domains like this and put my site on them also? Is there a term I should be looking for about this type of stuff and does it help?
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    In my opinion, the only benefit you get from a domain with keywords for your services and city is better search engine rankings. It may even be good if you have several domains with your keywords and/or city, with your website on each one.

    If I were you, I would not spend $400 if other "just as good" domains are available that will probably affect your search engine ranking in the same way. $400 can buy you 100 domains with all types of keyword variations. But of course you don't need 100 domains.

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      Ok so if lets say my site companyname.com deals with cookies it would be a good idea to buy up the domains

      and then have a copy of my company website on each one or just have them forward to my company site. Does anyone know if google looks at this practice as negative?
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  • I would never buy a name either. You can make up any with sub-domains too, if you just want those keywords for SEO. If you have extra sites too with good keywords, you may want to consider adding your adsense account to it. No reason for any site to not have anything on it.
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    • Originally Posted by olalinks View Post

      Thanks. you give me an idea. The keywords can be in Sub-domain
      Like this : keyword-you-choose.yourdomain.com
      It's good for SEO.

      Thank you. It's really useful for me
      You are very welcome. I am not lurking tonight, lol. I figured I'd throw in my two cents on that one. Some times there are some threads I learn quite a bit on, while others zip right over my red head!
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    When you have your domain name with the keyword of your service you gain advantage of better search engine rankings. But having the name of your company in your domain is more authoritative and better branding for your company and your site.
    So my bet will be to get a domain with the name of your company.
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    I have about 20 domains for my resort
    they are not my MAIN business domain
    they feed my main domain

    make sense?
    no they are not redirected , google hates redirects they stand on their own
    they talk about my business and link to my business

    say my resort is named Paradise Resort

    lots of resort names so I buy onec
    resorts In Hawaii.com (if available)

    people click on that, I talk up my resort and say Looking for "resorts in Hawaii"
    how about this one? Paradise Resort (with href link in the name)

    works like a charm
    I get 4 times as much traffic as my main competitors (according to Alexa)
    Tech article writing .Native English Speaker(with Proof)
    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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    If domain name has keywords then it will be benefit but I think there is no need to purchase that domain because you have already domain which running so you should work for them
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