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by gary15
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Since 2 days ago my traffic has just dissapeard.

I used to get around 250 - 500 uniques a day.

But 2 days ago i checked my adsense account and see only a few impressions, but normally I get 400 + adsense impressions.

Has there been some Google change?

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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    There is a post right below your's that is asking if anyone else has experienced a recent Google algo change, but no consensus has been reached.

    What happened to your rankings for the keywords that bring you the most traffic? They may have slipped from the first page to the second or fell out of the top 100. Don't panic until you get all of the facts.
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    There have been a google update few days ago.May be such fluctuation is temporary or your competitor's are working hard.Check it out and work hard.
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    It sounds like your site is a victim of Google Panda. Here's a recent article I wrote about it and what you can do: Google Panda by Writer Fox
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    Is your website a new one..?? Coz I have a new website and it's ranking is fluctuating everyday and many people said that it happens with a new site...

    They asked me to be updated with highly searched keywords
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      Wauw, just found out what happend to my website.

      Just received a email from Google, that someone hacked my website and installed some weird malware.

      So my website was blacklisted, but just resubmitted and looks like my website is back where it was and getting traffic again.

      Weird..but solved.
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    One website of mine, established in 1994 and working with adsense from 2008, went from 20 $ per day to zero, two days ago.

    Why ? because i lost almost all my traffic from various keywords. I did nothing to that website, it contains all legit content made from the users and me.

    Other websites of mine seem un-affected.
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    I have the same problems my adsense traffic numbers jump alot, I use to get 300 a day now im getting 20-30 a day

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