how many keywords per post ?

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In a word press site while using all in one seo plugin ... how many keywords should you set (in order to be affective ?) ? we were yavinh an argument with a friend .. and we would like some light here .. ?
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    character count less then 60. you can use tags options too for more keywords
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    I don't think it matters too much in that part. You can add as many as you like from what I have done and there is no negative impact but don't know how much of a positive one it gives.

    The keyword count in your content is more important.
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      Well i did not even considered that is might have a negative problem adding e keyword rich contend and using the good key words in the all in one plugin.. but i was discussing this and i got a very different opinion, that you only can use 1 or 2 keywords you want to rank good .. if you add more than you will not rank good for any of them ..

      Yes i pretty much add tags to every post with the keywords i select..
      so i might end up having 10-15 keywords and the same 10-15 tags in some posts ..

      I Understand that after the posts is done and published the biggest factor to rank well would be the anchor text while you are link building ..

      what do you think ?
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    I think you can use 3-4% keyword.
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      Are there any set guide lines or at least proven and tested examples ?
      Matt Cuts said anything about this ?

      On the one hand you can play it safe and use 1-2 keywords per post and fill you site with mini posts for each keywords.. i think this does not look natural...
      On the other hand you can use as many necessary for your post (in this case 15 Keywords) but will this cancel out your effort to rank well for them ? like the bots will ignore them or consider them spam ? and therefor you will not rank well ?
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    using many keywords per page will be the reason of not getting right traffic and ranking. You should choose 2-3 keywords even all keywords should be relevant to each others.
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    3-4 keywords on 500 words article.
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    In my honest opinion, targeting anywhere between 4-12 terms per webpage is the best way forward.
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    Thanks for the input so far.. i guess that's a hit and miss situation as its seems no one has an exact valid answer for this question .. i would have thought that by now someone would have found the winning recipe for "how many keyword per post".
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    They are right you can use 3-4% keyword in a page..
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    I think 3% TO 5% Keywords are Best In Per Post. It Is very good method to improve the ranking on target keywords.
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