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I have a site that is focused on a 100 to 200 project bought by men it does pretty decent in terms of clicks per month and has a number of page 1 ranks...I'm thinking about changing ti to an adsense focus. Has anyone changed a adsense site to a amazon type site and what were the results?
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    I have sites that are Adsense and amazon based. But remember to do your own testing on few sites before changing. I have success with both. Some sites do good with Adsense and some with amazon.
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    You don't have to choose one over the other. You can combine them.

    I'm also not too sure what you were asking, but it doesn't even make sense to create an Amazon-geared site and then convert it to Adsense or vice versa. I'm not going to write reviews for a bunch of products on Amazon and put only adsense blocks with no affiliate links.

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  • I can't say that I have had much experience with Adsense. I am a big Amazon fan however because they convert so well. Personally I would go for them, but it depends what the nich is of course.
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    It is something you need to split test whether adsense or amazon blocks work better on your site.

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      The only website that I have Amazon offers on.

      Is primarily an Adsense earner.

      The Amazon offers are below the Adsense and designed to monetize traffic that passes the Adsense ads.
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    both work same..I have tested them on many projects..So I can say All depends on site content..
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