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Hi all,

How do you go about improving your Google Places page? What SEO or strategies that you have tried and work?

So far I've tried to fill in as much detail about the hotel as I can. I've recently uploaded more videos in the hopes that this will also help it rank well.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

The Langham, Melbourne
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    Did you sign up for Google Places?

    Do you have your address listed on your website?
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      Hey GyuMan82,

      On our website we have our address, however insead of using the numerical number 1, we used the word "One". Will that have some affect?

      Our head office signed up for Google Places but i have access to edit the page.
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        Try to use descriptive keywords in the description, photos, and videos you upload to Google Places without keyword stuffing. Also, try to get users to contribute reviews using your keywords (big plus). Pay attention to David Mihm's Local Ranking Factors too, big help there. There's a good book called Teach Yourself Google Places In 10 Minutes by Bud Smith that gives simple, clear, and concise instructions for how to create and optimize a Google Places page.
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          Thanks Brennan!

          Is the Bud Smith book a old? It seems Google changes so many things so quickly that any book out there might seem to be outdated as soon as the ink dries!

          I'll definitely starting putting keywords into the images and description within my Google Places page.

          Thanks for your help!
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    Did you name your photos after the keywords your tying to rank for like melbourne-hotel.jpg? I assume this helps, I use it on all my local listings and they rank pretty well. The other thing would be to build backlinks for the word you trying to rank for, so contextual links that say "melbourne hotel" would also help. I know that helps for sure.
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    IMproving your Google Places
    I think, The Techniques to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score
    1. Improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your ad text.
    2. Group relevant keywords together.
    3. Place keywords in the Headline, Description and Display URL of your ad text.

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    Keywords in the reviews = Majority of SEO. Seriously go test this out, post paragraph reviews with keywords hidden in them, you'll get ranked for that keyword fast.. Best advice I can give.
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