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How many BMR posts do you submit per day or per month to see great results?
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    I usually just set the submissions to 1-3 for each site along with my other backlinking methods. So i'll have my writer do about 60 posts for my site, usually targeting 5-10 keywords and just let them trickle in throughout the month. Its been the icing on the cake for my link building.
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      My advice to you is to target one keyword until it reaches the front page, and then target another keyword until it does the same thing.

      I do the full amount for that day which is 10. You can write a bunch up that day and submit them, that way they can get approved and be in the queue as soon as the others have posted.

      Make sure that your onpage SEO is top notch and that you are doing good inner linking and you should see some great results.

      I focus on 1 keyword and 1 page at a time. If you do the blanket effect it tends to take longer for words to rank well.

      But with the proper inner deep linking you can and WILL see double and triple listings with your select keywords. I have several websites doing this. You take the top 2-3 spots and get most of the traffic that way.

      -- Jeff

      "Doing nothing is worse than doing it wrong."

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    I have a rotation of sites in my BMR account. 16 sites get rotated monthly, I have 2 full time writers doing 50 posts a week. So I have most of my sites on 7-10 but I like to change it up a bit sometimes. Any of my new sites I bring along slowly doing 1-3 for a month and then moving up if needed.
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    • Originally Posted by BillHus View Post

      Imost of my sites on 7-10 but
      I'm with Bill here. Also around an average of about 10 per week per site.
      I really find that you don't need any more than that.
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        I write articles myself so it depends on how many I feel like writing. Generally I submit 5-10 posts per day across 5 domains.

        I focus on one keyword at a time and will submit posts with about 50% exact match keyword and 50% varied keywords.
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      I queue up 100 for 4 domains (so 25 posts for each) a day. Literally. I'm thankful that I have all the time in the world, and I'm a super fast typer + dragon speaking or w/e you want to call it. I set it to 4-6 a day. I'm trying to make this work before I have a wife and kids

      RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    6 per day per domain
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    What is the general consensus of the percentage of posts that should include exact anchor text versus partial anchor text per keyword you're targeting? This is always tricky for me as to not overdo it.
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      Originally Posted by Blakers View Post

      What is the general consensus of the percentage of posts that should include exact anchor text versus partial anchor text per keyword you're targeting? This is always tricky for me as to not overdo it.
      Well let's say if I were to do the keyword "how to lose weight"

      I would do 70 percent of that as "how to lose weight" and 30 percent of that with variations such as "lose weight quick, weight loss, lose weight in days" etc. etc.

      RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    I like to do one post per day per domain I'm promoting, any more would be hard to keep up on with 20+ sites to promote

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    I write myslef and I try to write 10 posts a day and I also target one keyword and one page until I reach the 1 st page, the I move on to another.

    However, once in a while, I do the blanket thing where I write 3 posts for each of (about 30 or so) my keywords.
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      Why do I keep seeing people say that they do X number of posts until "they get to the first page". In my experience, getting onto the first page, unless the keyword has a LOT of traffic doesn't translate into dollars.

      Unless it's a brand name keyword (in which the #2 spot is the best you can hope for and will probably yield good traffic anyway) it seems that if you're not #1 you're out in the cold. So why are people not hitting it until the keyword is #1 and not just on the first page?
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    I'm sorry to say that there is no set formula as to how many BMR posts you should submit in a time period to get "great" results. It all depends on how competitive the top 10 spots in Google are as to how many posts it will take to get there. Even if you know the competitiveness of a keyword, you can still only vaguely guess at the number of posts it will take. If your site is new, you may want to only submit a few per day at first, but if your site is established a bit, it it is safer to for more posts per day. Remember though, in addition to submitting posts using exact match anchor text, you also want to submit posts with partial match anchor text and random keywords such as "click here" and "this site." That way it won't raise a red flag in Google's eyes and you will rank higher than just using exact match (typically). Hope this helps!
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    Originally Posted by stormbrain View Post

    I am not using BMR posting to increase my traffic because i have no idea of this. can you teach me.
    BMR helps you boost traffic through ranking your site to the first page of Google.

    It doesn't give you traffic by posting your 150 words or more to other articles where it's count as a backlink.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    Here's my thinking:

    I don't actually want to RELY on BMR posts to give me rankings, because I maintain that Google could find a footprint in the network any day now and discount most if not all the link juice you get from BMR. If that ever happens (Google wants it to happen, and Google always gets what it wants, eventually) and you've put the bulk of your promotional efforts into BMR then you're just SOL.

    So, that being said, what I like to do is actually not blast the full 10 links a day, but only do either 1-3 or 4-6 per day on each domain, almost more as a way to diversify my link portfolio than anything else.

    I also spread the links around, I don't just target one page at a time…Even though this "blanket effect" may not be as fast and furiously effective for page 1 rankings right now, in the long run I believe it gets me overall higher SERPs, and furthermore, I know that all of my sites do and will continue to keep very CONSISTENT rankings.

    Hope that helps, - Stephen
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    Cool thread- I've wondered how other people do their BMR submissions. I write 5 for any page/post I publish and have each domain set for 1-3 per day. Then after a few weeks I see where they're sitting and do more if I need to.
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