Adense on an Autoblog - Allowed?

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Hi warriors

I was in the process of building some blogs.

Visible on the homepage are 5 uniquely written articles. The reminder of the site is populated
by articles marshaled by an rss feed, which brings in new content to the other categories
within the site (albeit existing content).

I read a post on a thread some days back - where the poster indicated
that - if Adsense was placed on an autoblog, Adsense would bann you in very short order...

Is that true?

I really do not know, but, and if it is true, do the 5 unique articles negate or throw a wrench into the complexion of a "pure" autoblog?

Your understanding of Adsense as it applies to autoblogs would be greatly appreciated ! by me!

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    i think allowed but it a low quality
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    Adsense favors original content and autoblogs uses feeds and content that is not original. For some time your blog may go unnoticed but Google will crackdown after that. If you do use some kind of autoblog software try to add some original content or spin the autoblogged content to make it look like original.
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      thank you parry ,

      In my case I give full attribution of the author and its origin, and link to its source.
      So there is not intent to hide or deceive in any form or fashion. It is very clearly a
      syndicated piece in that regard.

      In that light, is it still a "NO NO" or, does that change the landscape?

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      Here you go, found this @

      AdSense Facts & Fiction Part V: Unoriginal content - Inside AdSense

      We don't allow sites with auto-generated or otherwise unoriginal content to participate in the AdSense program. This is to ensure that our users are benefiting from a unique online experience and that our advertisers are partnering with useful and relevant sites.

      Hope this helps.

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        thank you very much monika

        Sometimes we come across sites that are using software to generate automated content. These sites might look like normal news sites, but the information is completely plagiarized. Scraping content and passing it off as one's own is not only wrong, but it also happens to be a serious violation of our policies.
        I hate to be a nitpicker, but "plagiarizing," versus using syndicated content that provides proper attribution to the author, its source, and a link back to its source, wouldn't seem to fit the spirit of their description?

        Granted, I do tend to dissect arguments when they appear loosely congregated. But, if in fact "stealing" or "plagerizing" is truly what they were intending to target, in that vein, then, adopting a position suggesting syndicated work with proper attribution falls within such a purview would seem an incongruent argument on its face?

        Now I certainly may be wrong about the whole thing, but I've yet to locate
        anything that addresses "appropriate use" of another's work?

        (I hope I don't seem "difficult," it just seems to address a point not relevant to the argument?)
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    Use ABS. It works fine
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    To have a successful blog you need original content and be adding to it a few times a week.
    Good luck!
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    I have never placed adsense on a site that doesn't have 100% unique content. My adsense account means too much for me. I personally wouldn't do it, but there's only one way to find out I guess. I would ask google this and hope an employee responds and go from there...

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      Yes, a response directly from Google would be nice !

      I won't hold my breath!

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    It is not allowed.

    Adsense doesn't like contents that had been fetched from somewhere else.
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    Hey. Great link above and I wouldn't do it if I was you.

    Stick to unique content. =-)

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    I would say no, at best its a grey area, and is it really worth having your account shutdown.

    Just stick with quality original content, its always going to be the best choice
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    I have run autoblogs for more than 1 year with AdSense and never had a problem.

    I believe you need to run them under the radar so you definetely need to do 2 things:

    1) Rewrite the scraped content
    2) Don't earn too much for each autoblog

    I think that they rase a red flag when an autoblog starts to earn big money.

    Just my opinion based on my personal experience with autoblogs, don't wanna say it's a Google rule.

    REAL RESULTS! Try and See!
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    google loves unique contents
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    I don't recommend it, you'll get banned sooner or later, Google does not like auto blogs what so ever.
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    You may get away with it for a while. Maybe a year, maybe even two years, but don't cry when Google kills your account one day. Do it the right way, and you can make a great living without having to worry when payments are being finalized, will you make the cut. I imagine that to be the equivalent of being on the run from the law.
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