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by ghazia 4 replies
What will be the impact if I get links from many sites having same IP address? Will this affect my site's ranking in SERP?
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    Hi ghazia,

    IP addresses are not a ranking factor.

    However, link diversity is, so make sure you are gaining backlinks from a diverse variety of traffic sources.
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    Exactly. Addresses are no issue. I even have more than 50 backlink from one blog that give much traffic to one of my websites. And dburk is right. Diversify your link building activities. It could be an image, video, text anchor, etc..
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    yes, links from the same IP addresses is not working, it cannot help your ranking on Google. You must strive to build backlinks on separate IP

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    Getting ALL your links from the same IP address is a footprint for Google. That's not to say that Google will penalize your site SOLELY because of ip addresses. But it may cause the G-bot to investigate further and determine whether the links are natural or not.

    All of the main backlink networks host blogs on separate C-class Ip addresses because they want to avoid an IP-address footprint. But they have thousands of blogs, and would lose their entire livelihood if Google shut them down.

    It's more a question of scale. If you have a small network of sites pointing to your money site, I really wouldn't worry about IP-addresses at all.

    Matt Cutts has said that the "average webmaster" does not need to worry about IP diversity. BUT, if you have a MASSIVE supply of backlink manipulation with a HUGE footprint, then you may have reason to worry.
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