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I have a question about stop words in domains and keywords. Say for example I see a high Google Exact search for "Plumber San Francisco" and "Plumber in San Francisco". The second phrase contains "in" which is a stop word if I'm not wrong. And some people say Google disregards these words.

Say you wanna target both these two keywords. If Google disregards the "in", does that mean it's OK to get either "" or "" and that would be a so called EMD for BOTH phrases? (Since google disregards the "in"). Or would you still get" to target the first keyword and "" to target the second keyword and both are different and the "in" matters?

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    Honestly you don't need to over think this. Both would be fine, especially when you are diversifying your anchor text between these two and others you add in there.

    You will get one first but the other won't be far behind as long as the competition is ok.
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    "in" word is not more effect but basically require to make a good sentence.
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    I agree with the statement above, you shouldn't really be worrying about this much. In your link building, you can target both terms as long as your content is optimized and has information on the should be fine.

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