Of Quality and Cost - How much are you willing to spend for quality content?

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The phrase "Content is King" definitely rings clear in everyone's mind. Without quality content, people get bored with your website, you lose traffic, and suddenly your website's a ghost town, with windows swinging aimlessly whenever a gust of wind stirs up the sand in the empty settlement.

However, good content doesn't come cheap - I've personally seen content that goes at up to $4.00/100 words, and many loyal customers swear by these services.

Or does it? There are more and more providers that offer writing services at prices as low as $1.00/100 words - and there seem to be many satisfied clients out there.

And, applying economics 101, increased supply will cause a decrease in price. The content creation market is getting saturated, with more and more writing services offering to write at the lower end of the price spectrum.

So what do you, fellow warrior, feel about the prices of content? Do you think that there's a place for $4.00/100 words content, or that such content will gradually be crowded out by cheaper writing services?

Do you think the 2 of them compete in the same area, or are they of a different category altogether?

Share your thoughts!

P.S. Let's leave copy-writing out of this discussion!
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    What you pay for content is determined by what you're goals are with the site. If you're making a sales letter or looking to create an avid reader base then paying that higher price is probably going to work out for you in the long run. If you are like me and building niche websites where your traffic typically drops in once to find a solution to a problem And leaves either through an ad or on their own accord...then the $1/100 words content will serve you well.

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    $1 per 100 words is good thats what I charge for article writing. (pm me for bulk rates)
    However Technical or medical is higher per word (even though I enjoy it more)
    Tech article writing .Native English Speaker(with Proof)
    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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      $4.00/100 words is still the low end of the pool. There are plenty of writers who command higher rates than that, some much higher.

      You are wrong in the supply/demand equation and in stating that the content creation market is saturated. The lowest end of the spectrum may be rather saturated but that's only one segment of the market.

      There is an infinite demand for writers who work on other end of the spectrum. You just have to have the skills, talent and confidence to command the higher rates.
      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
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      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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        The premise of the question is off in my opinion. It looks at the content as a commodity only and not in respect to a goal. If your goal is just to have a decent article for the search engines with your keywords then theres probably a maximum you want to pay there but if you are looking to engage readers, maybe have major bloggers reviewing your site , have a major PR push for your company or online presence then it won't be the same maximum.

        As Tina stated there is no saturation for really good writing

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    Originally Posted by SEOFriendlies View Post

    The phrase "Content is King" definitely rings clear in everyone's mind.
    It doesn't ring clear in my mind. It's not king. Why people start threads with
    lines like that is still beyond me.

    People mistake quality for something it's not. Nobody here can define
    quality as it pertains to anything. The only way you can really judge
    quality, is by the amount of linkbait. But then, I've seen cargo-linkers.
    Just look at the junk people spam via social networks. Then
    people go on about how great social crap is. But I digress.

    Content is not king, so anything asked based on that premise is
    bound to get a whole bunch of answers pertaining to, well,
    not much in value.

    People take one snippet of a google release, go gaga, bury the real
    meaning, and send themselves and others off on a tangent to

    I have paid for content, but only when I have no time. It's been
    based more on a whole, usable article, as opposed to
    any dollar/word count.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Anybody can open notepad and write a mixture of guesswork and general knowledge about almost anyway subject. Some people seem to think it sounds easy and so they get into the article writing business - and as such we now have endless streams of crappy content being pumped from many authors who simply aim to meet their word count as quick as possible and collect the cash.

    It sort of comes down to some really bad business ethic. What use has crappy content to anyone? Other than attempting to provide filler content for backlinks - which is really just filling the internet with more crappy content. I couldn't sleep at night if the service I provided wasn't of a high quality and done to the absolute best of my ability.

    There's so much worthless content out there nowadays, and because it's so easy for anyone to make and sell. If customers demanded a higher level of content (and they soon will) then all of these low quality providers will probably go out of business - Google is closing down crap content ever more aggressively and if there is no use for crap content there will also be no provider of crap content.

    Edit: Apologies for the somewhat digressional rant!
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    Thanks for all the replies!

    I agree that I have over-simplified the entire content creation industry by lumping content mills that flood the lower spectrum of the price range with writers that write compelling, moving content - content that creates buzz, draws comments, attracts backlinks and ultimately pulls people (read: traffic) to the site.

    Where I erred was that I lumped writing services for 2 different purposes into one, mistakenly mixing 2 obviously heterogeneous liquids, and thereafter ignoring the apparent divide between the 2 liquids when they have settled in the bottle.

    For that, I apologize - I shouldn't have asked such a superficial, amateurish question given that I'm actually IN the industry.

    About the "content is king" part - I see what you guys mean by saying that content used for different ends vary in quality and importance. Saying "Content is King" is a little strong.

    Would it be more prudent, then, to say that content is a VERY important part of any website/internet marketing campaign?

    In a sense, GOOD content seem to be the core of every internet marketing campaign. Heck, it's the core element for marketing campaigns of every channel! There's nothing to elaborate here - content is the meat of any marketing campaign.

    Perhaps I'm missing something here - if you disagree with my views about what I've stated above, share you thoughts! I'll rather be a fool for a moment than a fool for eternity.
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