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I have had a terrible time getting my backlinks indexed. Most sites I check say I have between 7 & 20 backlinks, when I should have hundreds. I wonder if this is correct though, because I am on 1st page #4 & 7 for my keywords. I would like to move up a couple of spots and think that maybe with indexing of my backlinks it could happen.

I first tried to buying backlinks that were supposedly "Lindexed", these never showed up. Next, I tried backlink booster, ya it was only the free trial, but they said 60 backlinks were boosted, none of those showed up either.
Now, I am trying out Linklicious for a month, bought the basic plan, and will test if for a month. Oh ya, and I have done some manually pinging of backlink pages, but that never worked either. I will try and remember to update with my results. In the meantime, anyone else have a"sure-fire", but not too expensive way to get backlinks indexed?
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    Bookmark the pages, which have your links placed on their pages. This helps your backlinks to get indexed.
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    Originally Posted by kcom View Post

    In the meantime, anyone else have a"sure-fire", but not too expensive way to get backlinks indexed?
    Get backlinks with on page authority/PR. Google has indicated and it is clearly the case that Google crawls pages with Pr more than those without.

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    It is going to be hard to find whether your backlinks are indexed going forward, I am hearing some rumors that search engines are not going to show all stats so that users won't manipulate it. So going forward we should more focus on the SERP rather than checking the indexing rates etc. But still we need to spend our time and effort on indexing . Few of the indexing options are.

    Twitter and other social media are being very effective for indexing, if you have handful of backlinks to index, just do some retweets and in matter of hours your backlinks will be indexed. (again it have variables added)

    You can create RSS feeds for your backlinks created and submit it to rss directories. but need to make sure , you don't create 1 single feed for your 1000 backlinks. Create 10 feeds for 1000 links that way changes of getting it indexed will be higher. Also make sure you have title and description different for each entries, If you feel it complicated , just head toward RSS JUICE .

    Try to create another layer of backlinks to your main backlinks , that way search engines give extra weightage for your backlinks and chances of getting it index is more.

    Good old method of pinging will also help you sometimes to get your backlinks indexed.

    Again keep tracking your ranking position and not the number of links.
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    Well, I use some backlink checkers and the number of links I find for my sites, all the checkers tell the same.

    For indexing, I don't have to do any extra thing, it is automatically indexed.
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    you should choose high PR backlinks for tier 1 so it's easier to index, getting to deep with indexing thing will not help if you use low quality backlinks. When you want to do indexing, i recommend using scrapebox AA list blast and articlemarketingrobot blast
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    link your profile pages of social bookmarking sites in your Google+ page. It helps to index your backlinks.
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    Well your answer is right there in your post when you said you were ranking at #4 and #7 but only show a few backlinks. Unless your keywords have ZERO competition then all of your backlinks were counted and helped that ranking get to page 1 because do you really think only a few backlinks would get you to page 1? I have had huge serp's increases without any backlinks indexed and I know so many people focus on getting them indexed but as long as googlebot has crawled them then they have been counted. Now if you are doing low quality links like profile links or other backlinks that the googlebot will have a hard time ever even finding then that could be a problem but you shouldnt' be doing those kinds of worthless links anyways and only building high quality and high PR backlinks that will easily be crawled by the googlebot.
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    Have you checked the indexed and backlinks in your Google webmasters account? There you can find the exact results.
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    Thanks for all of the recommendations. I think i will be using a lot more backlinks with PR 1 and higher. Although i have found to make sure that the page with the link is the one with the pr and not just the site overall.
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    I just made a lot of web2.0 sites and those are really a b*tch to get indexed
    I even linked them from my own other blogs
    ahref still doesnt show them after 4 days
    Tech article writing .Native English Speaker(with Proof)
    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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    Well I have membership of backlinksindexer and it helps me to index my backlinks. The indexation rate of this service is 50 to 70% which is quiet good!
    So, cheers!
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    I don't use an indexing service, but just keep on plugging away with my backlinking efforts and it seems to be working. This is what I use to keep track of which backlinks are getting indexed and which are not:

    Allows me to see exactly what my backlinking profile looks like. I break it down per subgroup and then get a feel for whether I've got to many junk links, not enough web 2.0s, etc. Allows me to adjust on the fly how i feel that my seo efforts are doing.

    *page is cropped and pasted to fit on the forum. Status indicates whether it's an indexed link in google or not
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    Make an RSS list of all your backlink page URLs.

    Ping it.

    You're welcome.

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    Also run an awesome community where you can get FREE Tech Support.

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  • To be honest I focus on getting high PR backlinks which tend to get indexed pretty easily because the pages are crawled like crazy.
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    How do you get high PR backlinks? Im having problems with indexing my backlinks too
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