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What is the link wheel strategy in SEO?
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    link wheel is good strategy of SEO, in this we make three tier posting and it is beneficial in increasing pr and ranking.
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    Here is a quick example on how you can create a link-wheel:

    - Write a Squidoo lens about your website topic
    - Write a blog and include a link back to your squidoo lens
    - Create a hubpage and relate it to the blog
    - Create a Google knol and link it back to the hubpage
    - Search Google for the best wheel spokes to get links from.
    - Email the controllers of the spokes and inform them your content exists and ask for a link

    There are mixed opinions about the legitimacy of link-wheels and you can assume it to be a grey-wheel SEO...

    There is nothing wrong with providing good and diverse content on a certain topic you are good at, and then linking them to other articles that you have written.

    What is WRONG will be if you do so but act in a spammy manner: doing crazy linking for no other purposes than to increase your links.

    So, the key is to make it as natural as possible.

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    It's easy.. web 2.0 properties linking to each other and linking to your money site..

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      A link wheel is actually a process of building a dozen new blogs or web pages using web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Blogger, HubPages and etc., all on the same subject as your main blog or website. Then, on each of these mini-sites, you write one (or more) unique quality article contains a link to your main site or blog and a link to one of the other new blogs that you just built.
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      make sure to use between 6 to 10 parts in you wheel
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