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by wardo
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I have a review site where I am promoting a clickbank affiliate product. I get the odd sale from the site but I am sure I can do better.

Does anyone have any tips for review sites? So far I have promoted it through article marketing and ppc. Do you think review sites make good landing pages for ppc campaigns?

My site is in the relationships niche.

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      Your landing page must look legit / professional - you need to instantly gain the trust of your visitor. While your reviews should be authoritative you also have to back it up with "social proof". Make sure you support your review copy with "real" customer testimonials.

      It also depends on what keywords you are targeting. Are you targeting end of buying cycle product specific keywords - or long-tail solution to problem keywords? When done right, review sites obviously convert best when targeting product keywords. Long-tail solution to problem keywords have lower conversion rates and you need to be very selective of which ones you target.

      With respects to whether or not review sites make good landing pages for PPC - you need to minimize the number of non-merchant links your visitor sees. You should only have links to the other pages on your site located at the bottom of your landing page.

      There's so much more I could cover on this topic but I don't know enough about what you currently have set up.

      Good luck,

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    Thanks emjayce. My landing pages do all the things you pointed out but I am targeting the solution to problem keywords which must be why I am not converting as well I should be. I will create another adgroup for end of buying cycle keywords and see how that gos.
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      The best landing pages have a "story" behind them and involve passion etc etc, nothing worse then a corporate looking landing page IMO

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        Originally Posted by Darren Mallory View Post

        The best landing pages have a "story" behind them and involve passion etc etc, nothing worse then a corporate looking landing page IMO
        It's interesting you say that.

        I find that the "personal, story behind them, 'I used to be just like you'" type of pages always seem scammy to me.

        I haven't bought many products online (not including from amazon), but the ones that I have have ALWAYS been from professional, corporate looking pages.

        But then again I wouldn't use me as a sample from the population, because I'm super cynical and think 99.9% of products for sale on the web are scammy bullshit anyway. Especially ones like this:

        I used to be a stupid ugly loser

        but then I discovered something
        so good it should be illegal.

        Now I'm a ripped model and
        I bang supermodels and drive Ferraris

        and if you order, now, in the
        next 10 minutes
        [insert javascript countdown timer]

        it can be yours for only
        three easy payments of $97!!!

        Indeed, I only buy from "corporate"-looking sites that look like they're established and selling a decent product, not some bullshit some schmoe put together out of a template in 15 minutes (usually complete with typos and misspellings) about how he went from worthless bum to millionaire in a week.

        Altho it seems that those types of sites are the most profitable, which is why I said don't use me as an accurate representation of the internet buying population.
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