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    Nice idea for poll. I've been seeing people reporting that they have the email, but no drops in rank.

    You should add an option for those who responded, and were either
    - denied = "Some pages still violate..."
    - approved = "Manual Spam Action - Revoked"
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      Any idea how to delete poll/thread - your right & also there is a better way to word it anyway - just cant delete & start over (or edit poll)
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    "I've been seeing people reporting that they have the email, but no drops in rank."

    I guess that would apply to those of us that used, for instance, BMR, and didn't subscribe to GWT for that site. I've seen no message and my ranking is better than ever. I've been expecting a link-loss drop in rankings but I'm wondering now if the serps for all my long tails have been hammered so much that I now get more NET traffic outweighing the couple of position drops I might have seen on the more competitive keywords targeted in the BMR posts? It's a mystery. All i know is my traffic and sales are up and I used BMR.

    Now am I still about to get hammered on this site? That is the question!
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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      I have experienced drops in ranking, but the time taken to drop can be anything from days to weeks. At first I thought nothing would happen but it takes time.....

      Some drop a little, some drop off the cliff. It doesn't even have to be a site using GWT.

      If you used blog networks a lot, or purchased low quality SEO services, it is very likely, you will drop/get the message sooner or later.

      There is no doubt in my mind, the drops and the messages are connected. Of course, it begets the question (and answers it) that negative SEO is now possible.
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    I just got the message today. saw one of my sites drop a bit. the others ok....

    Should be interesting going forward
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      I got the letter a little over 2 weeks ago. My 2 main KW that I used BMR only on are not in the top 100 and they were #12 and #14 before. I think if you are getting this notice due to BMR then it is not a penalty but rather lost link juice. I also read that the letter was triggered by negative link velocity due to all the BMR links being de-indexed.
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