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I've never had dates on my blog posts for several reasons. The main one being I think it gives a more evergreen feeling versus "old" information feeling.

Recently, though, I read (don't know who it was) something by someone that seemed to know what they were talking about regariding organic SEO and they mentioned the importance of having the date visible on each post.

Is that true? Your thoughts?

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    I believe that if your blog is information (how-to, excercise, health...) then dates aren't necessary. There are many successful blogs that don't use dates b/c the content applies no matter when you read it.
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    It depends on how often you intend on posting.

    If you post often, why not show the reader youre committed to the blog by including the date and showing that you update your blog often?

    On the other hand, if you don't have time to regularly post content then not showing the post date is a good idea because then the reader won't see how rarely update your blog is and dismiss it as a great blog.

    Just my thoughts

    - Trevor


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      I agree that a visible date on the page might unnecessarily give the contents a use-by date.
      As for seo purposes, I wonder how that could affect Google rankings? Don't the spider crawl the internet, and judges a page by the contents at the time of the crawl?
      How does it know what is new content? Does it have a copy of the page from its previous crawl, then compare the two?
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    It totally depends on the type of niche of the blog..!
    For a blog on SEO, Google, its better to have date on it, Since this topic usually gets updates with every new changes made on the system. Just like, after the Panda Google the Old SEO tips will not be anymore valid, now we need different strategy. Usually for such topics, searcher types with date, like, Google panda update 2012, seo tips 2012. So having date on would be beneficial.

    But, for topics like Health, Self improvement, How to, doesn't need any date..!

    So, it would be better if you could tell us your Blog Niche..!
    AddictedWords : A weblog for the words addicted readers to read and share Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, Poems, Story, Life Hacks and Much More..
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