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If the number of links really can improve page rank?
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    Hi bajumuslimmurah,

    Your site's ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you. The quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating. The sites that link to you can provide context about the subject matter of your site, and can indicate its quality and popularity. However, some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking, disregarding the quality of the links, the sources, and the long-term impact it will have on their sites. This is in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact your site's ranking in search results. Examples of link schemes can include:
    • Links intended to manipulate PageRank
    • Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web
    • Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging ("Link to me and I'll link to you.")
    • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank

    It is not only the number of links you have pointing to your site that matters, but also the quality and relevance of those links. Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the buzzing blogger community can be an excellent place to generate interest.
    Source: Link schemes - Webmaster Tools Help
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    Depends. if they are DO follow, high PR and Related to the topic then may be 10 backlinks will give you a good SEPR. and also Google PR.
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    Make sure they are from relevent websites.
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    I also think that you should NOT pay attention to your PR. Your ranking is the thing you should care for. Try to achieve a great SERP and the backlinks you built, can also help you increase your PR

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    PR is over-rated

    Build quality links and make sure you add diversity in your link building. You don't want 10,000 blogs pointing to your money site. You want a few links from a lot of platforms, different page ranks, different countries, etc.
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    Yes, links can improve your Page rank. If you post your links on high PR quality websites, then they help to increase the link juice of your website. Link juice is important thing in promotion of your website because it help to increase the ranking and Page rank of your website.
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    Page Rank is still a major factor in the Google Algorithm, but rankings are more important than just monitoring Page Rank. Go with high quality links to increase you PR and rankings at the same time.
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