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I want to know types of backlinks?:confused:
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    Didn't understand fully but basically there are two types: DoFollow and NoFollow. If this is not the answer then clarify you question with more details.
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    It can be divided in many ways:

    Dofollow and Nofollow
    Relevant links and irrelevant links
    Natural links and unnatural links
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    Blog comment
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    Profile links
    Article marketing
    Web 2.0s
    Guest blogging
    Press release
    and many others...
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    Originally Posted by seocindrella View Post

    I want to know types of backlinks?:confused:
    If you're trying to improve the ranking of your website by building links to it from other websites, then you need to understand how NoFollow and DoFollow links work.

    The NoFollow link was invented to combat blog spam. It tells the search engine looking at it that the link is not trustworthy and does not improve the ranking of the target site.

    A DoFollow link is one which does improve the pagerank of your target site.

    Examples using NoDoFollow Firefox plugin to find DoFollow / NoFollow Links:

    Auto Approve Backlinks

    These are comments posted to blogs that do not require a moderator to approve them. Often times if a web page has a PageRank below 3, it will not require moderation. The bad thing about AutoApproved blogs is that they will have thousands of comments on them, since you can technically post as many times as you want. The downside of linking these directly to your website is that since the content is poor, it won't benefit your web page very much. However, having thousands of these auto approved backlinks linked to your blogs, articles or youtube videos will greatly increase there ranking in google. Especially if the keywords you're targetting are not very competitive.
    High PageRank (PR) Backlinks

    High PR backlinks have a PageRank of 4+ and usually require moderation for your comment to be posted. This helps ensure content quality and reduces the numbers of blog posts. These backlinks are ideal for linking directly to your website.

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    In backlinks/inbound links there are two types, they are Dofollow and Nofollow.

    Dofollow links are usually counted by the google as the reputation of a linked websites to measure the website's reputation in the web and to give a page rank to the website/page according to the backlinks count and quality of the backlinks.

    Nofollow links are not being counted by the google and these links are no way helpful in getting a good page rank.
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    I think there are only two types of backlinks one is dofollow backlink and other is nofollow backlink. Both of this backlink dofollow backlink is very helpful to increase ranking on search engine because dofollow link share the link juice of other website and nofollow is not share the link juice.
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    yup, dofollow and nofollow is the type of backlink and there are various tools of this.
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    In simple words, Dofollow links are consider by search engines and Nofollow links don't consider by search engins.
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