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let me know your results and or stratigies with the plugin
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    If you mean this automatic Backlink creator plugin, i don't have experience with it and i should say that in my opinion using these blackhat seo tools is not useful at all and its not needed that you use these kind of tools to promote your website. You can make backlinks using well known ways like article submission, social bookmarking, and etc for your site manually and naturally.

    I love warriorforum.

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    I've currently purchased and realized it's not very useful IMO. however I didn't realize there isn't an initial refund.
    Not based on results as I haven't really put it to use, but the overall concept and process isn't appealing.
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    How Does their networks handle Google Algorithm Change recently? , does many got deindexed ? Or just running smooth...

    Thanks for the feedback
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      I think it is a ticking time bomb.

      Google identified the Large link networks and DE-INDEXED them.

      Google has said it will penalize sites that over SEO.

      This plugin claims they have a 30,000 blog foot print.

      Ya think that might be big enough to get Googles attention?

      They claim it leaves no foot print but if you use the plugin you are displaying the links for other people in the network???

      Waiting for the impact tremors....
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        Hello All.

        Greg (creator of ABC and ABC3K) here. Wanted to jump in.

        I am pretty sure the OP asked anyone who was using abc3k to offer their results and feedback.

        Here some of you nice folks, who are trolling the forum, who have no experience with the product feel the need to offer your opinions. How very sweet. I am assuming that if you have time to troll a forum you are already successful at IM, support yourself from it and can speak from real authority.

        I will address this thread as a whole.

        Actually the network in total is over 50K sites in it and so far it has not gotten the attention you say it should.

        Matter of fact, the changes G makes happen a few times a year. Most aren't aware of it enough to make a stink, but IM is getting stale right now, so it's a way to 'scare' the masses, create new products and courses and create a buzz on the forum. Is it making a true impact? ABSOLUTELY. I'm not saying it isn't real. It is.

        Watch the threads and offers change when FB makes another major change (like timeline), or another how social network pops up (like Pinterest), or something major happens in mobile apps.......

        I'll be the first to admit, if you are using my plugin as your only source of backlinks, then don't use it!!!

        This was designed for users to build backlinks to their backlinks with it.

        The whole training and all of my threads have always said this should be "A" tool in your marketing tool box, not your only tool. And like any tool it must be used properly! I train users to have a lot of other backlinks built (variety for each inner page and KW on their site - web 2.0, articles...etc) and then to use the plugin to build backlinks to those other internet properties.

        Now if you used the plugin and it wasn't for you, I respect that. No worries, there are plenty of other ways you can build backlinks and get your sites ranked! My product is certainly not the only method for goodness sake.

        I am sure there are plenty of successful people who have mastered IM, have their sites ranking where they want, making the money they want through their IM work, and have it as their ONLY source of income who should be considered authorities, just trolling around forums like this one just helping people with questions.

        It is clearly marked no refunds all over the sales page. I am not sure why the assumption is there would be a refund on a service that utilizes resources. Is that logical? This is not some crappy PDF course for $7 that is going to teach you how to make $1,000 day starting tomorrow. I assume that was a mistake since so many products offer refunds here on the WF (that are not service and resource heavy) that the abc3k got mixed up with those. I simply can't connect the logic otherwise.

        I have offered a thread of feedback including links to the case study form the one user.

        I do not give out review copies. Because have you EVER read a bad review from someone who got a review copy? So all the feedback on the thread and my first one is from unsolicited users.

        Your best bet for feedback is to go to the thread and read those and on the front page. That is my OPINION.

        What do I know?


        If you all want to try it, great. If not I understand and respect it. I am always happy to answer questions. Most likely not here, but on the thread, unless they are support, then on the support desk.
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          Got your plugin 2 months ago,Tools tab not working and no joy from your customer service.Didnt want to shut it down,but cant keep it if issues cant be resolved.
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            Originally Posted by Ketombirionline View Post

            Got your plugin 2 months ago,Tools tab not working and no joy from your customer service.Didnt want to shut it down,but cant keep it if issues cant be resolved.
            I just purchased yesterday and I STILL HAVE NOT Received MY LICENSE KEY YET! I tried to contact Support Several Times and NOTHING AT ALL. Also the plugin is installed but the Send License Key by Email does not even work. So far off to a very BAD START! Might have to Cancel and FILE A CLAIM AGAINST THEM.
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    My two cents worth,
    I purchased the ABC3K plugin. The purchase process was quick and easy. The training material was very good (Better than most I have seen), and easy to follow. I am applying the links to a new website. I use other backlink sources for this site. I am focusing on backlinking my backlinks. All links used must have good keyword SEO content. This is explained in the training material.
    So far I am impressed with the training material and the easy to use plugin application. The indexer and RSS are nice. Maybe I give another review in 90 days.

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    I've been using the plugin since the first month the prior version came out.

    I made a lot of money because of this plugin. There is no question about that. I made money even when I got my keyword research wrong. Once I got a better handle on that i made more money.

    No, I'm talking six figures a month. I mad enough money that I could take some trips and grow my business. I reinvested most of what I learned.

    I would be remiss though if I didn't say I got hit HARD by penguin. I did though because I had to many links to my site and worse to many links with the same anchor text. Back before the rumors of the over optimization were beginning to flourish and then became a reality that worked well for me.

    I saw the change coming but I just couldn't react fast enough. Greg completely changed the training for this version and did stress pointing most of your links at other sites. I was working to do that. It didn't do it fast enough.

    With this tool, I took a City name to position number six. I took a well known DSLR camera brand name to position number 2 and when I added review to that brand name i took it to number one. I beat out giants like Cnet, DPreview, Amazon and all the rest. I sold a lot of those cameras at Christmas time. Enough to buy two of them as an affiliate marketer.

    I wouldn't even point as many link as Greg says to directly at the site any more. He knows the product better than I do though. I'm a little gun shy right now.

    There are things I don't like about it but I have made money off it and once I make the adjustments i will again.

    i don't think these little mini affiliate sites work very well any more. G gave my little camera review site the smack down about two days before Christmas. It wasn't because of the tool. The site just doesn't look like an authority site and it never made any sense to be beating out those big names. Oh the articles were quality articles but I didn't have a ton of charts and things like that. The kinds of things that DPreview does have. I didn't really feel like G made a bad choice if I was objective. It was better by far, than most affiliate review sites but it still was not up to the quality of the sites I was smashing.

    That's just it though, I still smashed them. So now I'm building a bigger site with many product reviews and general information articles. Once I have it up to speed, I'll build pages to other sites and use ABC3K to link to those.

    I know an expert in SEO that saw the same thing happen and he didn't do it with ABC3K he did it with blog networks. His results were the same. The sites did well at first then G lowered the rankings. He came to the same conclusion I did. The sites didn't look like authority sites.

    i may have got a manual review too. I wouldn't be at all surprised if my competition complianed. There were not updates at that time. However G did roll out 10 updates in December that they didn't give dates for. They didn't cause major shockwaves and appeared to be tweaks to Panda. I don't really KNOW what happened to that site but I do know after that it didn't matter how many links i threw at it.

    I did still have one of my articles on page one before Penguin.

    Using only this tool to link to my "hub pages" is going to hurt my IP diversity though. Where before I had 120,000 links from a large variety of domains and IPs that wong be true for my page any more using only this tool. The hub pages will though. And they will pass link juice through. Penguin has made life difficult.

    You can get yourself into trouble with this tool. The way to do it is to build too many links to low quality, out of niche sites and then throw too many links at it using your keywords.

    I don't know how Greg feels about this but I think it would be a very good idea to throw in some "Click Here" as your anchor text and your links should contain no more than 50% of your keywords. The other 50% shouldn't have a keyword in them.

    I've not built any links in the last month, well a few I've been learning about the Penguin. Personally I think G should have called it Shark. Its more like a predator than the bait.

    I went from $30 a month to $1000 a month within a year because of this tool.

    Times changed and I didn't change fast enough. I've followed the WSO thread and I've seen some grumbling. One of the those grumbling changed his tune when he linked to Web 2.0 properties though. He didn't elaborate much but he just said WOW.

    The only place I'm using it much RIGHT NOW are for some videos and they are ranking high on G. The tool still works, just gotta use it different now.

    Hopefully Greg will chime in and tell me where my thinking is wrong and where I have it right?
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    I think the plugin is friggin awesome.

    Without abc3k, I wouldn't have survived Penguin that's for sure. After all my article blogs went down, the only thing that kept everything afloat was abc3k, so now that's all I have on my sites. Don't need anything else. Near enough all my keywords are still populating page 1 of Google apart from 1 which is my own fault because I've not put any links in for that keyword as yet. I've now got the biggest package available and don't regret it at all. Greg is brilliant to chat to if you have any problems too so got no worries from me at all.

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      I have used the ABC tool since invited to be a beta tester 2 yrs ago when the original developer owned it. Curiously, he quietly sold it to Dan Anton right around the first big G-slap which was all about unnatural backlinking and link networks. I panicked and then changed my strategy for using the tool and just used it for my prolific youtube urls and avoided internal linking. Now, I got G-slapped into oblivion with the September EMD update. Google sends me 100% of my clients from 100% organic results so now I am out of commission. Not quite deindexed but down from position 3 to position 61 for my main keywords which my domain is exactly matched. I have read all the reports that this EMD only affects spammy sites, but I have original content, lots of it. Since Dan Anton is no longer promoting ABC3k, I am interested in knowing why not? I am afraid to continue using it now. Anyone have words of advice for me?
      BTW, I noticed that there have been no further posts on this topic since the September EMD update and I really would like to know if anyone previously singing the praises of ABC3k got the G-slap from hell like I did.
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    I think if anyone needs any reassurance go to the most recent thread....i cancelled my subscription.
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    Got tired of waiting Canceled Subscription in PayPal and now filed a Claim to get a Refund from this. If you use PayPal to pay for anything you are in luck because PayPal is extremely good when it comes to getting a Refund for something that did NOT turn out how you expected it.
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      Is this still the case? I was considering buying it but now I am very cautious...

      Let me know how it turns out for you...

      Originally Posted by rapichat View Post

      Got tired of waiting Canceled Subscription in PayPal and now filed a Claim to get a Refund from this. If you use PayPal to pay for anything you are in luck because PayPal is extremely good when it comes to getting a Refund for something that did NOT turn out how you expected it.
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    Hi, ABC3K is the best, I have used every piece of software out there for building links - link pyramids, directory submission, blog comments, edu backlinks and nothing comes close to what I have achieved with ABC3K.

    Provided you use it wisely with LSI keywords (large variety of anchor text) the rankings will come fast, but increase the links gradually! Furthermore ensure you use other link building methods, variety is king as of the recent penguin update so links from a large cross section of url extensions .com. co.uk. org .edu etc etc ... but overall most my links come from ABC3K on multiple websites and I have been using for approx 4 months.

    So what are my results? I rank for some of the largest terms available in my niche, these are highly competitive with hundreds of thousands of exact match searches per month.

    Hope this answers your question, provided you use it properly you will get the results, to say they will last forever is likely foolish and I'm sure at some point Google will come wise to this tactic but in the mean time I'm making a healthy living and on the lookout for the next promotional technique that performs this well...

    Good luck!
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    Will check it out pretty soon.
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    I gave it a shot because I'm a pretty big fan of most of Dan's products. Very happy with how ABC has been working for me thus far. I'll continue to monitor it this month and decide if it will remain as one of my long term tools.
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    Dont Buy From this company i have submit a appeal on that check out !
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