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can i use adsense and CJ together in the same site
Is that allowed or my adsense account will get banned ?
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    As far I know you can use both of them without any problem and this should not hurt your adsense account.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    Yeah you should be ok.

    Just write adsense and make sure cuz you never know what kinda of crazy stuff they will do!

    It's best to see what there take is on it.

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    Shouldn't be a problem. A lot of ppl do this, not only with CJ, but with Clickbank as well. Good luck.
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    It should be fine as long as it is not one of their "not allowed" categories. Many people use amazon with adsense and I would think that putting adsense with CJ products is the same thing. If you are in doubt you can always write them and ask them.
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