What tools do you use for linkbuilding?

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He, i was wondering, what tools do you use for building links?

I use social adr (bookmarks) an my own free blog comment tool: The free linktool

Because big G is on the hunt lately i dont use automation anymore. (except social adr)
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    No one uses linkbuilding?
    Free backlinks and targeted traffic: www.thefreelinktool.com
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    i use Article Marketing Robot and Best Spiner!!

    and linklicious.me for crawling

    Excelent programs!! =)
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    I use MozBar which is a free Firefox and Chrome extension that automatically displays loads of valuable link prospecting information within your browser window.
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    I am using SEO Quake toolbar in Firefox.It's excellent because it tells everything about a site (Back links,Page Rank etc).
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      Are you talking about tools to create back links???
      I did not use any tool or software to make back links for a website. I always believe to work manually to create back links by submitting step by step.
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    Since Google now has a new algorithm, I stopped using any tools in my link building. Better do it manually just to be safe.
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    All of my automated tools I use right now are all used as 2nt tier links. I was using multiple blog networks and now I'm down to UAW. Even that's is loosing its strength. One subscription I still use is backlink indexer. I love that service. I did test here at work and backlink indexer killed scrapebox when it comes to indexing your link. I Split tested 6,000 links, half with backlink indexer and half with scrapebox (AA list of 250k) Backlink indexer had 60% more indexed links after 3 months.
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    Manual submissions are the way to go for link building today.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    i dont like to use any tool for linkbulidng
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    I have Scrapebox, UltimateDemon, and submitEaze
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    Today manually submission is the best option for link building
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      Well, basically there is not preferable to do link building with using of tool. The reason is that as per the search engine algorithm it is spam to get the link with tools or any robot forms. But I have visited to your mention link and I got a better option to find out different kind of resource for link building.
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    Using tools for submission can make your work easier but it won't help you to get rank you kws.
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    i ma using tool like submission article submission and MozBar and linkicious. but mostly i use manual techniques.
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      As above, quality manual link building is the way to go.
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