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Without going to much into it, like many our two money sites have been hit with the 'unnatural links' notice in google webmaster tools. One website had 800 BMR links the other 1000, which obviously when dooms day came, didn't help us. Now one site is on page 2 for most keywords and the other has absolutely disappeared from google for all keywords worked on, the site can only be found on longtail natural searchs

One thing we are doing now is going through the links to both sites (12,000 and 15,000 and removing what we can and categorising each link into groups and describe them as follows, in a vein attempt to show google just how sorry we are, and how it was our SEO companies fault

Group for each link:
*directory link
*article link
*url not found
*blog comment
*profile link

Categories for links are

*site no longer availible
*link not found on page
*link has been removed date........
*article link unknown origin, maybe genuine, Link may have been placed by the SEO company we employed, no site contact for removal
*really poor quality site these must have been placed by our previous seo company we employed, obviously in an attempt to deliver results, no site contact for removal
*webmaster contacted to remove links on.........still no reply
*server not found/timed out
*404 error
*suspect spam due to the amount of links for site, no site contact for removal / contact page broken
*site reports error message..........
*link removed date.......

Thing is its looking, as suspected all links are not able to be removed due to being on unattended sites with no contact and admittedly, in our early days we where on a 'google top 10 guarentee' package with someone, which they gaves us, along with the thousands and thousands of blog comment links to same sites showing, which is the majoriety of our links now and of course we cannot get rid of them!!!!!

Strange thing is the site that has 15,000 links is the one that has disappered but the one with 12,000 links, that has percentage wise, so many more blog comment links is hanging on.

Anyway if all else fails and google don't even listen to our heart felt plea and violin and just send us out the same, ''we are still finding links of unnatural.......... then one solution i was thinking up is this

If i type 'links:mydomain.co.uk (without www) i get 5960 results
If I type 'links:www.mydomain.co.uk (with the www.) it gives me 30,000 for some reason???

Now if i set the site to not redirect the www. as the same URL as without i can lose alot of links this way, effectively resetting my links to a less damaging state and start my new path of enlightenment to richer higher PR, contextual links

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    Unless your site has been de-indexed completely there is no point in submitting a reinclusion request. Categorizing links and handing them over to Google is a waste of time and just provides them with more information to nail others.

    Remove the bad links that you can and wait it out. If the sites are not indexed at all, then remove what links you can and tell Google that your SEO company built a lot of bad links and beg their forgiveness.
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    dont think google will even give you the time of day untill you show proof of your attempts to solve sheeetttt!!! Just send out the same message 'we are still finding links........'

    I know what your saying get rid of what i can and increase my ''good'' link ratio but the penalty may not shift in 60 days or 90 days!!!
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    bump this bad boy up
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    Just like regular law, Google's algorithm believes ignorance is no excuse. If you are looking for an opinion of a solution, you probably would have better luck with a brand new domain.
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    I would build good high quality links and keep building them and wait til the penalty expires. I don't think I would run around trying to round up all of my links when it is as tedious as that sounds.

    I personally would also Not respond to the "unnatural links" love letter they sent you as that will definitely set you up for a manual review of your site...
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    How many links constitute unnatrual backlinks? I'm presuming its more a case of frequency then total amount as 1000 over 10yrs isn't an issue but over 10 days it is. Makes you wonder though for the established sites that are a few yrs ago you must have a ridiculous amount of backlinks to stand out. 30,000 backlinks seems like a hell of a lot of backlinks...

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    just the site has been slammed in the rankings for all keywords that have been worked on. The backlink profile is a mess!!! 70% of the links are blog comments which are obvious spam.

    But because the site has completely disappeared i know the site has been penilised already
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    How did the turn out for you?
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      Might be late reply , but its not links:domain[.]com it is link:domain[.]com
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