Are lists good for SEO? As content?

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The nature of my site lends itself to lists like this:

Example: Math Problems

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division

And not much else. Is this going to be an SEO problem?
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    lists are great but they still have to be high quality. You can't just create a junk list and think it will be good for SEO.
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    They're still effective, essentially lyric websites are similar to lists or even business directories. You still have to obey the standard rules of SEO though and not put out junk.

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    No doubt, My posts are offering pdf, the lists offer a look at the content within the pdf
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    I think, if your list is really targeted to the topic of your site, it may drastically help.
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      LOL I had thought you meant a list of potential or past buyers and was wondering how in the world can that help SEO ...

      Yeah, a list that has your content and topic related to your content (think LSI) ought to help your overall SEOE effort. Don't just stick to making a list though, write good content and make the list only a part of it.
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    As long as you are not making the list have the same keyword in it over and over...just make sure that it is helpful to your visitors and you will be fine.
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