How many Backlinks do you do a week?

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Hello Warriors,
How many backlinks do you guys make a week ?
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    Uh probably around 50-100k

    How many backlinks do I send to my own websites per week?

    200 Per website
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    only a few hundred at the moment.

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    mobile website design

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    Don't go with quantity..always go with the quality..Quality backlinks matters a lot in SEO
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    I personally work on one keyword till it's where I want it. So let's say 2-3 back links a day till I get it where I want it. Of course many of the other methods as well I do. Just kind of well rounded and all over the place and eventually it get there.
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    how do you make the backlinks?
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    Don't Work On Quantity ! Work On Quality !
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    It depends on many factors, like how many people syndicate my articles.

    But I would say minimally, 100 or so a day per site.

    I do agree, that quality it most important though.

    Fast, crappy backlinks will just cause you problems with Google sooner or later.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    Not more than 10-15 per week. And that's why I think all my keywords are on top position and few in top 5 of Google. It's quality what Google bots are looking for not quantity, try to focus on that.
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    I'm kind of playing save right now after the Google Penguin.We gotta wait until the storm gone,and then we start learning a beat more about this mess.2 weeks ago i was making more than 100 backlinks per day,but now this 0

    Great plans to weight loss

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    Yes, quality is the most important. People often buy thousand of low quality link, spend many dollars, then after all efforts they back here and say it's not work. Always build your link in natural way. One of best method is guest blogging.
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    And I Forgot To Mention That Do Some On Page Stuff! Surely You Will Be Going To Get Good Rankings!
    On Page Comes First And Then Comes Link Building!
    Hope This Will Benefit You!
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    Whether it is 1 or 1 million backlinks per week the number doesn't mean jack.

    It is about quality these days.

    And the those who are generating thousands of backlinks per site, whether they are pointing to your sites or not, that is a LOT of webspam you are trashing on the internet.

    Are those links actually manually built unique pages that bring high quality content to users who enjoy reading it?

    Thought not..

    LOL, this is the exact thing that Google is demolishing with each update.

    Penguin should be a wake up call to people, no?
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    Depends, if you have new domain with you then follow steady link building process that means 50 links in a week is sufficient for your website. Don’t try to get too many links at a same time your website can be penalized by Google. If domain has some authority then you can make more links pointing to your website. According to me always try to get quality links rather than quality.
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