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I want to take the entire content from a page on an old site and use it as the homepage on a new site with a new domain name.

I have no need for the old url from the old site. The domain of the old site is not going to be renewed. There are very few backlinks involved, so I'm not concerned about loosing link juice.

Is it okay in this situation to simply copy and paste the content to the new site, and then trash the old page?

(Actually, in the title to this thread I used the word "transferring," but I'm hoping I can just copy and paste.)

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    The problem with that is you are starting over.
    A better idea would be to leave the old stuff
    intact, just using it for backlinks.

    Start your own backlink empire. No reason
    to ditch the old stuff.

    It's only a few bucks a year. The way you
    could use it would be priceless.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Okay, I understand what you are saying about using the old site for backlinks, but I really want this content on a much better domain name, and I want to get going on the new site now. I like the content and want to keep it and put it to better use.

      So, how do I do this?


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    Copy the content and delete the page from the 'old' website. Then wait for that bit of content to be deindexed from Google and add it to new site. By keeping it on the old site, that site will get the credit since it first published the article.
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      Thanks, Wilson. Can you give me an idea of what you mean by "wait a bit?" A few weeks?

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    Put the URL where the articles sit in the old site into Google. Once they are not in Google's index, add it to the new site.
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      I'm sure there are others here who have done what I'm proposing to do.

      Can anyone else give me any input here? How long does it usually take for Google to de-index a page once it's been deleted?


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        I can't answer your questions about how long it will take to deindex the content, but before doing this, you really should also check and make sure that there aren't any websites that have already stolen your content. If so, once your content is deindexed, they will likely rank for the content since their site will be seen as older/more original than the new site you are putting the content back on. (If there are sites with your previous content on them, you'll need to get them taken down first with a DMCA complaint).
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          Okay, interesting advice. jI appreciate your reply. But since the old site has attracted no attention whatsoever, I'm not really worried about that. I'm just anxious to get the content placed on a better domain so it WILL get some attention.

          I'm just trying to find out if it will take a few days, few weeks, few months, or even longer, so I can know what to expect.


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            Originally Posted by CatherineMay View Post

            I'm just trying to find out if it will take a few days, few weeks, few months, or even longer, so I can know what to expect.

            Just copy and paste all the content and save it into a text file on your computer.

            Then go GWT if you haven't already added your website add it by verifying the domain. Then you will need to delete the site completely so it's showing a 404 error, Then go to;

            Optimization > Remove URLs > Create a new removal request

            Then scrape google with this footprint and copy and paste all the urls into GWT. If you have loads, just use scrapebox with the same command above.

            Then wait 24 hours and Google will remove all the pages you entered. Then you can add the saved content to your new domain.

            If you are using Wordpress and have alot of pages then you could just change the domain? If it's one page then doesn't matter..
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