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Hey guys,

Hoping you can provide me with some suggestions...

I have personally hired several people to be "content managers" for my niche sites.
Once you have more than 10 to 20 sites you are adding content to daily... they can become a beast to manage. Even if you outsource article writing, you still have to spend 20 minutes or so adding the content to the site, optimizing it, adding images/video etc. Multiply that 20 minutes by 20 posts per day and it's almost a full time job just to add content at which point you are working "in" your business rather than "on" your business and it just becomes another "job".

So, what I am looking for is help finding outsource firms who already specialize in this.... Not just writing content but also adding it and optimizing it.

Does anything like this exist out there?

I'll build 10 sites and hire someone to manage them myself and this works great but.... Now my new full time job is hiring and managing my managers LOL.

It would be ideal if there was a company I could just assign my sites to in bulk and have them write content and add it to the sites for truly hands free growth of my sites.

If any of you use a company that does this or maybe you do it yourself, please let me know!

Thanks. -David
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    Hey David,

    Drop me a PM. I have a solution for you.
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      Just sent you a message!

      Originally Posted by VinRFP View Post

      Hey David,

      Drop me a PM. I have a solution for you.
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    That was quick!

    I just sent you an e-mail via your contact form on IMconfidence.com. I can't PM on here yet because I don't have enough posts on this profile! Whoops!
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    Anyone else out there have people they are working with that do this? If I can get a quality 500 word article written, added to wordpress site and optimized for $7 to $8 each, I can do very big volume if that info makes a difference...

    Thanks ya'll!

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