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I feel like i'm walking on eggshells with all thes updates and changes constantly. Anyway, I have one question regarding link wheels back to your money site.

I have a niche website in competitive niche and I am just starting to get into OFF page SEO. My question is, if I have 30 articles targeting specific keywords, is it a bad idea to get a link wheel build for EACH article as this may look spammy in Google and other search engines eyes?

Any input on this would be highly appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.

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    Anyone have an idea? Multiple link wheels to each article of my website.. Is this a bad idea or will it be fine to create a wheel for each article?
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      Follow this I have done link wheel and link pyramid the results are impressive.
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    This is not a complex link wheel strategy,so Google doesn't look as a Spam.If you have original related to your niches articles than you are on right track....
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    I would think that if you do it right, your only limitation would be either the time it takes to write all those articles or your outsourcing budget.

    First, don't use spinning software unless you're willing to spend a lot of time both picking synomyms/alternative sentences and proofreading to correct all the goofs in punctuation and spacing that will result unless you are meticulously careful.

    Second, supposing each link wheel has five articles, make sure you have plenty more than five places to send them to. Do not send any two link wheels to the same sites in the same order. Mix things up thoroughly.

    Third, make sure each wheel has a beginning and an end. Each article will link back to your main article, but the last item in the wheel should not link back to the first. Otherwise, you'll send the spider around in circles. I would think that would be the part with the most danger of getting in trouble.
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    I use one article for each link wheel but spun version for each web2.0s. I found no problem with till now.

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    I would stick to 1 spunned article per wheel. A lot of people have been recommending unique articles for each web 2.0s however I have not seen any difference in SERP between unique & spunned content.
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    If your article are unique and related to your niche then there is no problem about that. I work link wheel for how many years since before until now I've got no any problem about link wheel.
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    If your content is original and delivers valuable information then no need to worry about it
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    yes you can use spun article.It won't affect your ranking
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    It is more effective building different link wheel for all your article and also ensure it's an open link wheel. Open link wheels are usually more difficult to spot by big G.

    On the other hand I prefer link pyramid because they are much stronger and powerful when done correctly.
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