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Hi there,

this forum rocks. This said, I am searching for a program/software/website service where I can plug in a URL and pops out another URL that through the service counts the clicks from it.

(...I just read though it again and it seems complicated so I give you an example.)

I have a kind of video website of my local city.

There are some places on the website (ads) where I can upload an image (banner) and set a link.

This link should be linked to a program/software/website service that counts the clicks.

So that the local company that pays for being at that place (ads) with his image (banner) can see how many people he got from that image.

As I like Google Analytics and know that it is trackable how many people go to a website, I thought it is possible. And maybe: Is there a Google product that I could use for this task?

An answer would be much appreciated!
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