I never know dead link can effect so much!!!

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Dead Links can't Be Ignored!!!

My PR has begun to fall down since last month. Meanwhile, traffics were decreased by 40%. At the first beginning, I modified keyword density, inner links and back links, title and content. But it had little effect after two weeks. Then I searched for plenty of SEO technologies like writing blogs on myblogguest, sharing links on Facebook and Twitter. Finally it seems to take effect. My page ranking is up to 6 and traffics are picking up 20%.

There is also another problem bothered me for a long time that the conversion rate is unsatisfactory. This situation has been unchanged until one day, my friend asked me to build a site for him. When I created sitemap for his site with my free sitemap assistant Sitemap X, which can not only generate sitemap, but also checked out several dead links in his site. Then I removed them. The next day, I dare to say without exaggeration that it is the next day my page ranking was 2! YES! The SECOND place! What's more, the traffics became the peak since these days. I thought over and over again, and maybe it is dead links. In this case, dead links sometimes are essential.

However, the conversion rate is still not high. I wonder if there are other methods to solve it.

Thanks everybody.
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