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Feeling generous today, so I will tell you what I have experienced:

FB backlink wont help you on search engine (obvious)

FB fanpage NAMING will help you on search BUT you have to put spacing if it is for more than 1 word. (use periods)

The naming of your fb fanpage should get some good SERP, but you should backlink that whichever way you want.

And also, feel free to use generic names when naming your fan page, facebook does have their own search you know...
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    Thanks for the info! Very helpful since I'm planning to setup a fan page lately.
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    Social Signals are crucial NOW...
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      like aged domains on google, there is a certain age effect on fb fanpages.

      And honestly, the older, keyword rich fan page name with decent # of fans, then it WILL show up first on fb search.

      Figured this out 2 years ago.

      idiots search on fb like they would on google.
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    um, how to build fanspage..?
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    good. I know it. but they don't have very effective result you know? That's why people are not interested in these.
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    Yes,FB fan pages are getting rank well in search engines.So it would be great to promote FB fan page to get more traffic.
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    Face book also helps in getting good traffic. Nowadays social media is playing a vital role in this SEO.
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    FB do effect on SEO, it can bring you large traffic.
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    facebook fan page gives some value but it not give more effct on Ranking ! Most of the webmasters believed that facebook give no follow links while we share a link on facebook so it doesn't help to increase ranking of a web site
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    i dont think facebook have some effects on search engines. It obviously catch visitors, but doesnt effect on organic search. Does anybody has a study of case telling me im wrong?

    Free Web Directory PR4 with DOFOLLOW links. Send your website today! Blogposts for life for $35 (low OBL) PM me if interested.

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    I think no, Facebook is a social network and it is used to for SMO so this website can not effect on SEO.
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    obviously facebook affects great on SEO. My site is based on online food delivery in UK, Venezuela, Jordan, Bolivia, Switzerland, Peru, Denmark and Greece. I've listed the restaurant and food related facebook pages of those countries and post my service ad on their wall, I also give personal message to the page owners. As a result my site visitors increases and my order also increases, it also helps me to join more restaurants with my service. Since my visitors increases it also affects great on SEO. you also can apply this trick for your site. Thank You.
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    Who said social networking websites don't help? Backlinks from social networking websites helps a lot in strengthening your backlink profile. Also, social media reputation is a great signal which Google uses while assigning ranking.

    Along with that, it helps in driving huge traffic to the website.... if you are doing it properly.
    Just check out how Coca cola and other brands have made full use of social media websites to drive business,

    FREE 30 minutes of Ecommerce Marketing consultation. Consulted clients like Overstock.com, About.com, Lowe's and more...
    Book at: hello@techzui.com

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    No surprise......That method is already effective and have been used by most internet marketers.
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    Social media is always a great way to get traffic.
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    Social signals are important and can help you build domain authority as well.
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    In fact facebook has no direct effect on SEO. But facebook itself can generate more than thousands bucks if you could promote your business using its own potential features. Such as fans. If you get hundreds of targeted fans (even normal fans can work good) then surely you would be able to get leads easily. So for twitter and youtube. All of these are nofollow sites. So you would not get really good result with SEO but these can provide thousands of quality traffic if you know how to drive them.
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