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Hi, I just wanted to know how you are building email list of interested traffic on your niche. Conventional way is creating an ebook and hypnotizing people to subscribe the ebook via their email. But is there any more way to build a good list of potential clients?
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    You may create a squeeze page of your niche to build your list.
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    If your niche has a busy forum, then you can get people to sign up via your signature link. It's still a good idea to have something to give away to encourage people to sign up. Once you get at least 200-300 people on your list, you can then start setting up ad swaps, which usually don't cost anything to run.

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    Im bumping it to see if there are anymore good ideas.
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    Give for free some videos which you or someone else can create !!
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      In your Ebook you can have a link for people to register for "Part 2" of the E-Book which is coming out in the future. Then have a little squeeze page to collect their emails. Works great, if you have good content! Good Luck!
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